New Year's Day 2018
we will close the doors of the 
our NGO in Consultative Status at the United Nations

We continue to open another door to strengthen the United Nations by strengthening America both at home and on the world stage.

 You are invited to attend a workshop series 
 beginning with an online world cafe for America's Soul, 
Saturday, January 13 from 12-2 pm 

All workshops are online at

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We are encouraged by Rodi Pipiris, viewer on our 
when she said we restore her faith in humanity.
We are also grateful for encourager and fellow traveler, 
Poet Wayne Nalbandian
who wrote this poem for us in 2008:

Online series (see below for details)
to restore faith in humanity and to continue to learn 
that peace  is a journey all of us are called to make

  • Latest book to redefine leadership for America and the world
America's Soul Cafe`s
Second Saturdays, January 13, February 10, March 10 12-2 pm. Third Saturdays beginning in April. All participants asked to arrive by 11:50 am. Orientation at 11:30 am. We base our work on the online World Cafe .

Our hosting team: Bill, Chet, Kim, Robert and Virginia. See our bios here

Introduction to Reconciliation Leadership
Thursday, January 18, 2018, 7-8 pm  More here.(click on spiral to expand to full screen)

Reconciliation Leaders are practical idealists who facilitate reconciling environments for challenges with a peacebuilding process.  They are interested in redefining leadership building on their spiritual practice.  A sampling of the personal, interpersonal, systemic and global competencies taught to Reconciliation Leaders trainees are listed below. Participant leaders shown below in training at the UN.  Testimonials from certified leaders are here.
  • Clarify their purpose in a one-sentence mission statement;
  • Learn tools and techniques for daily living and working;
  • Respond to workplace changes with a level head; 
  • Persevere through challenges and crises;
  • Tap internal strengths to better promote peaceful resolutions to conflict; 
  • Combine their skill building and vocational training to be purposeful leaders; 
  • Meet the need for cross-cultural competence and valuing behaviors to be responsive to the changing demographics.
  • Introduce and sustain change in a resistant system using sensitivity, strategic planning skills with visionary thinking.
Reconciliation Leaders at Lunch at United Nations
Book Talk, Thursday, January 25, 2018, 7-8 pm

What follows from a dream Virginia had on 9/11, the night after the World Trade Center attacks, when she was in New York City on that tragic day.
  • Foreword by Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury here
  • Afterwords from Reconciliation Leaders here
  • Endorsements here
Workshop: Why Mission Statements Matter
Thursday, February 1, 2018, from 7-8 pm. More here on about why mission statements matter and special tuition through April.

Virginia Swain
 Founder  and Director
 Institute for Global Leadership