Vol. 79 Issue 17 | Week of April 26-May 2, 2021
Worship on May 2, 2021: Eastertide

This coming Sunday morning we will worship together online in this season of Eastertide. The scripture passage is Acts 8:26-40. Dr. Foust will offer a message called, "God-Like Humanity."

The worship video will be available at 8am via our YouTube channel and at our website under the Worship tab for you to view. You can also link to worship from the Realm Connect App Events list.

If you missed worship last weekend, click here!
Social Justice Focus Group Launch

Are you passionate about social justice issues? The Mission Resource Team is launching a new group focused on social justice (which would include systemic racism, economic mobility, and equity/equality issues). 

Through study and discussion, this group hopes to develop educational programs and volunteer/service opportunities for the St. John's community. 

If you are interested in this project (or if you are at least willing to participate in an introductory discussion), please contact Todd Stillerman (704-763-6611 or stillerman@gmail.com).

You may join this group from the Realm Connect App or Realm Online. Go to your “Groups” listing, then tap or click on “Find Groups” then choose “Mission Action” and choose the “Social Justice Focus Group”.  You can also locate the group by typing the name of the group in the Realm Online search at the top right or by tapping the magnifying glass in the Connect App.
Ending Hunger Can Start with a Letter

The Mission Resource Team joins Bread for the World in continuing their effort in this Season of Sustenance to help increase access to food and nutrition to those in the greatest need in our community, nation, and world. Over 270 million people in the United States are facing extreme hunger right now, which is up from 135 million before the pandemic. Increased access to nutritious food, vitamins, safe drinking water, and support of breastfeeding will enable more children and families at risk to grow and reach their full potential. 

Did you know that simply writing a letter or email to your representative in Congress can help make a difference on this front? One letter or email can urge Congress to pass legislative victories that will accelerate progress on national and global nutrition. Get your pen and paper or keyboard ready and join Bread for the World and St. John’s in this important initiative!

Click here for a sample of what you can send via handwritten letter or personalized email to your representative today! Click here to look up your representative by region and get your letter in the mail to them today!
St. John's Youth Re-Gather!
The St. John's Youth Group has begun to meet in person outdoors on Sunday evenings! It has been a wonderful time to gather together as the weather warms up and see one another in person for the first time in a long time. If you are interested in joining this group or have any questions, please contact our Minister for Youth and Young Adults Nate Dove at ndove@sjcharlotte.org today!
Developing a Plan to Re-Gather

As more and more of our members are getting vaccinated, (and we do encourage vaccinations whenever possible), we deem it apropos to offer the following Re-Gathering Plan. Our approach is a gradual plan due to the following reasons:

  • Our ministries are numerous and diverse, so progressive safety is our intention.
  • April and May will result in steady growth of increasing members being vaccinated.
  • Our children & youth under the age of 16 have no possibility for vaccines as of yet.
  • Science is still gathering data as to how the variants are responding to the vaccines and whether those who have been vaccinated can still spread the virus.

Therefore, our COVID-19 Task Force will continue to monitor adjustments as we:
  • Continue safety protocols established at the beginning of the pandemic regarding face coverings inside our facilities and observe physical distancing guidelines.
  • Phase-in various activities through the spring and summer.
  • Evaluate participation numbers for safe gatherings and distancing as summer unfolds.

Continue reading the entire plan for the next several months by clicking the button below.
Refugee 101 at Refugee Support Services (RSS)
RSS is one of our partners in serving refugees in Charlotte. If you would like to find out more about our new neighbors coming as refugees from around the world, and about the services being provided to extend welcome and support in their transition, Refugee Support Services is offering a virtual Refugee 101 session. 

To tune in to one of these one-hour informative and inspirational virtual sessions sign up by clicking the green button below. 
Next available times are on May 20 either at 9:30am or 7:00pm.
Prayer Concerns, Thanks & Sympathy
Polly Hull, Gene & Carol Poole, Elma Thomas, Barbara Ledford,
Carol Hager (sister of Betty Harkey),
Mary Birdsong Brown (granddaughter of Stan & Martha Brown),
Bryon Bullard, Tish Philemon, Andrew Adair, Nancy Burgess, Angie Wheeler
Please email info@sjcharlotte.org to share a prayer request, thank you, or celebration.
Financial Ministry Plan Report

Week of April 20-26: $18,710
Income through April 26: $340,844
Annual 2021 Ministry Plan Budget Goal: $1,175,000

Community & State Missions: $4,325
You can make contributions, view your giving history and pledge status, as well as update your pledge and giving information anytime by accessing your personal
Realm profile online or via the Connect App.
Contact the Staff
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Dennis Foust - 704-359-7234
Lee Gray - 704-451-1309
Nate Dove - 704-662-2154
Allison Benfield - 828-448-8412
Kevin Gray - 803-524-0287
Jacquelyn McAbee - 434-579-1177
Mallory Brown - 704-477-3349
Derek Henson - 704-879-1805