October  2013 

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Will you reach your personal summit?


Just over 25 years ago, I took a three month leave of absence and travelled to the South Pacific. Stopping first in Fiji, then New Zealand and finally Australia. The beauty of that part of the world is everything you have ever imagined and more. 

Having bought a Kangaroo air pass, I was able to travel all over the land down under, for very little money.  So being a free spirit, I went wherever my heart and the people I met told me I should go - Sydney, Melbourne, The Gold Coast, The Great Barrier Reef and then to the Outback. Camels,  kangaroos, koalas, cane toads and dingoes - everywhere! 


On a guided tour one day, I visited Ayers Rock - a magnificent and sacred landmark in the middle of the Simpson desert.  With an elevation of over 863 m, I had the opportunity to climb it. Except for the strong winds and the extreme heat, it wasn't that difficult as there was a chain fence that guided us all the way to the upper-most ridge.  When I got there I was relieved and the view was absolutely magnificent - yes that's me up there!


But, we hadn't yet reached the summit! To get there, you had to really stretch yourself - mind, body and spirit. Up and over a huge overhang of rocks - no security, no harnesses, and no fences to protect you. The tour company would accept no responsibility for deaths resulting from the climb.  Ah, so very comforting.  Several people decided to go the distance but, I was not one of them. As I looked up at those who made it - grinning with deep personal satisfaction, I envied them their courage.


Looking back, I realized that experience was to become a metaphor for how I lived my life - going to the highest point my spirit would allow. My comfort zone - a place where I felt content and unwilling to stretch myself further.  I realized that the problem was not that I couldn't get to a higher place - I had simply placed limitations on myself and held myself back.  All due to an underlying lack of self-worth. I didn't see myself as someone worthy of reaching my personal summit.  And for years after that trip, I would sabotage myself and my success - in so many ways.  That is until the day my coach, friend and business partner asked the question, why?  I reflected on that for a day or two, came up with my own answers and simply made a commitment to be the best I could be. I then set goals that would propel me forward toward my dreams.


We all tend to hold ourselves back from our greatness and if my story resonates with you, it's likely because you recognize yourself.  It is my hope that in sharing my truth, that you too will be inspired to overcome your limitations, go the distance and ultimately, reach your own personal summit.

 Here are 7 key steps that will help you get there: 

1.  Have a vision for your whole life.  What you visualize, what you imagine and what you believe, is to a large degree what you are bound to achieve. Imagination is a powerful key to unlocking your mind and fulfilling your dreams.  You'll know you're on the right track when you feel a sense of joy, happiness and hope.  Keep your vision close to yourself and share it only with those who believe in you. The naysayers are never too far.


2. Set realistic and meaningful goals.  They are the stepping stones towards your dreams and the navigational tools that will guide you on your journey.  Make sure they are in alignment with your values. That is the key to peace of mind.


3.  Deal with your unresolved conflicts.  It is those conflicts that undermine your self-worth and your ability to reach your full potential and ultimately, achieve your dreams. And remember, to move forward you must forgive everyone - every thing - especially yourself.


4.  Don't give away your power.  People waste so much time and energy on pursuits and people who do not serve their highest good. To be the best you can be, you must honour yourself first. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Do everything you can to optimize your health and well-being.  You will accelerate your success.


5. Humble yourself and ask for help.  While reaching their personal summits, truly successful people are guided by strong coaches and inspiring mentors. They know that they can't do it alone so they humble themselves and seek guidance.


6.Listen to that voice inside that always speaks to you. 

It's time to turn up the volume - that is your highest self speaking!  The part of you that knows who you really are, what you can accomplish and the difference only you, can make.


7. Do not settle.  We compromise our greatness because we get comfortable and complacent with where we are.  Our fear of failure and not being "good enough" takes over.  To overcome that mindset, you must set high standards for yourself and stretch yourself - in every area of your life.  The opportunities, clients and people who are worthy of you, will appear.


Remember, you were not put into this world to play small.  You are here for a reason.  To honour who you really are, to own your self-worth and to share your gifts with the world.  If you are committed to doing so, you will reach your personal summit sooner than you ever thought possible. 

Until next time, take good care!



Kimberley Richardson

President & Co-founder

Imagemakers International






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