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July 27, 2018 eBrief
Will you serve on the board of Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham?
We are looking for people passionate about improving access to justice and who are committed to supporting and raising money for VLB programs. 
Nominate yourself or a colleague. Complete the application here and e- mail it to Nancy Yarbrough, executive director ( nyarbrough@vlpbirmingham.org ). Deadline is August 10th.
You can make a difference!
This grandfather and his wife want to adopt their ten-year-old granddaughter who they currently have legal custody over .  I Can Help!
This grandmother would like help drafting a will. She would like to divide her assets between her two children.  I Can Help!
This 81-year-old client needs help getting his end of life affairs in order and drafting a will. He does not have many assets and would like to make sure they are distributed properly.   I Can Help!
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Summer Associates observe while Honza Prchal meets with a client
Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Jennifer Buettner (Birmingham Bar Association), McKinley Dunn (Hand Arendall), Julie Goyer , Chris Kimble (Balch), Christi Lunsford (Encompass Health), Honza Prchal (Heninger), and Booth Samuels (Pittman Dutton).

Summer Associates:
Allison Bendall (Cumberland), Allie Segrest (Cumberland), and Nathan Stotser (Cumberland).
Tom DeLawrence meets with a client
Domestic Relations Help Desk

Vic Baker , Tom DeLawrence (Balch), Bob Dow (Maynard), Melinda Guillaume , Preston Martin (Bressler), Louis Montgomery (Bhate), Kim Vice (Gathings Law), and Rommie Wheeler .
Champions for Justice
Thank you to all of the great Champions for Justice that contribute to our mission to provide civil legal aid to low-income citizens. Contact Nancy Yarbrough , executive director, to join these firms today.

Judge John & Susan Carroll

Jim & Julie Goyer
Dawson Law
Matthew Swerdlin, Attorney at Law
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