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Hello Guys, Things have been pretty quite recently on the guiding front , cancellations due to weather, to help keep many clients happy. Hopefully they will all return another day when the weather is better. Looks like the summer has now finally arrived though. phew!.

I have had some great clients out guiding and taking part in casting lessons and its been a pleasure to work with everybody and have fun.

Last week was the first time we had any dry fly action and my last day guiding two days ago, at last, the willow grubs were falling.

The photo above is Trigger with one of my clients Big Bad Johnny. Trigger showing her best side ! :)

Nathan from Finland ? with the first brown of the season that took a dry fly , Nathan manged two big brown trout of this size for the day out of two takes, which was 100% success rate. It shows if you hone your skills the big wary trout can be caught .
He caught them both using a large

BBJ holding up a nice fat trout, it seems all the trout are big and fat more so this year with all the extra food coming down the rivers due to flooding and the odd mouse or rat.

The Willow Grubs are out!

Please note some ruthless people out there are copying my fly designs and are all of poor quality. If the fly you buy especially a willow grub has no Stu's label on it its a fake and the person using it or selling it is ripping my art off and has no morals.
Buying the original you will have the best quality and only best hooks are used on all my fly designs. The imitations are all of poor quality and the hooks used.

You can only buy the best Original designs direct from myself online or the Brown trout cafe in Athol in NZ and Australia.


There is a Australian fly shop that set in NZ owned by an Australian man, Gavin Hurley in the town of Lumsden which is very near my home base which is very strange its been pointed out! .I'm told by many people local and overseas that he is ripping of some of my fly designs, which is a shame that he's went so low to do such a thing.

It's an honour in a way that he loves what I do and my art , though not really a nice thing to do especially coming from overseas and doing it on my door step to make money from my hard work.

He even stars in his own you tube video using my willow grub fly design!! Some people are only driven by making money which is a shame in this sport. Support me and I'll keep being able to design more flies,news letters and write some books. Thank you.

Designed by Stu.

READ about the history of the BANANA fly- the best willow grub fly design,that all the best NZ fly fishing guides use. Remember if you want to hire the best NZ professional guides, we have a great web site where you can choose your NZPFGA guide. All the guides in the organization are legal to guide you in NZ . Be warned of overseas guides operating , who normally only come for a few months of the year and legally cannot guide you in certain areas or have all the other legal requirements to guide you in NZ.


Did you know? That Stu's BANANA fly (willow grub imitation) Has starred in fly fishing movies, magazines and in two of Derek's NZ trout Diaries books , its honestly that famous. Maybe the most famous Banana in the world .:)
Did you know? That Stu's willow grubs come in three sizes and two colors and that its been design to sit flat in the surface and the hook and thread on the hook helps it sit in the surface film . Always put a little float-ant on it and if wet place it in the quick dry sheep dip give it a shake and it will float again like a cork.

Did you know? That the tippet I use and when guiding clients when fishing with the Banana fly is the one in the photo. It is by far the best tippet material on the market, I have used it since it came out and can't fault it. The smaller the fly the lighter the tippet, so if your using heavy tippet you may get refusals as the fly will be held to ridged in the surface film to look and act like a natural willow grub.

Did you know? That quite often I will tie the small Banana fly (willow grub imitation) off the back of a Deadly Ant on a short piece of tippet , sometimes the trout will also take the Deadly Ant, though I mainly use it to attract the trout to the grub and as a sight fly so clients know where their grub intimation is. If the fish are wary I will just use the Banana fly on its own.

Did you know? That you could join the grub club! and get a certificate. All for a bit of good fly fishing fun. :)

Did you know? That I use fly Juice on
all my dry flies , when they are dry and before using them on the water. I will coat a few flies for the day in the morning and let the replant dry on them to help them repel water when used.

DO you know? That it is very easy to order a custom selection of flies from Stu. Boxed or unboxed.
He can make you a great selection of the best flies for when, where, species and country you're fishing. Stu wants you to catch fish.Only the best flies are used in all the selections and tied only on the best and strongest fly hooks.

A GOOD LIFE WASTED - Great title,I do listen to my clients and one lovely lady recommended that i buy and read this book, and apart from one chapter(which was maybe just me) I had good fun reading it , and recommend it to others , look it up online. Hes also written a book about surviving cancer naturally which i no doubt will also buy and read.
YAKUZA MOON - It's not a book about fishing , though she does mention that when she was a child she feed Koi carp in a pond.(so i did find some fishy stuff!) It's a great story of how fu###d up some peoples life can be in the world. Shoko Tendo opens the door on Japan's underworld, a brave woman.The book has now sold millions of copies in many different countries.

ZERO TO 60 - One of my clients bought me this book and i was so glad he did , its a great story of a Scots man and his life and ups and downs in the world of business. I like the way he tells the story as it is - black and white with no sugar coating of language or the truth. A real book and a real story of success from the bottom up.


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