Willows Update
March 17, 2020
Dear Willows students, parents, faculty, and staff,

The past week has been quite a whirlwind. Life as we know it has changed in a very short period of time, and things continue to change rapidly. We are here to support you throughout this challenging time.

Today we begin our eLearning days. Our teachers have been working hard since last week to prepare for eLearning. We are in uncharted territory, so we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we try out something completely new. As the whole world shifts to eLearning and remote work, there are many kinks and technical difficulties to work out. (We are already experiencing them!) We will be closely monitoring the plan and seeing how we can improve it as we go along. 

Middle school students and parents received a virtual assignment notebook for each grade level with assignments for all of the courses. High school students will receive assignments directly from the teachers of each of their courses.

Important Dates:
If students need anything from the school, today, Tuesday, March 17th, the building will be open from 9am-3pm. 

The third quarter will still end this week. Stay tuned for more information regarding report cards.

Spring break will be Friday, March 20th-Sunday, March 29th. eLearning will resume on Monday, March 30th.

Willows faculty and staff are available by phone/voicemail and email from home. Willows Faculty and Staff Directory.

More questions?
Academic concern- email the teacher first and Mrs. Czarnik with any follow up concerns.
eLearning access concern? Email Mrs. Czarnik - cczarnik@willowsacademy.org
Need to access Plus Portals? Email Mrs. Daniel - daniel@willowsacademy.org
Any questions and don’t know who to ask? Email Ms. Garcia garcia@willowsacademy.org

Willows’ vibrant community is one of our strongest selling points, and we are committed to supporting students, parents, faculty, and staff during this challenging time.

It’s important to maintain social distance. This time off from school is not the time for in person get togethers. We need to work together to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus for the common good. It’s a time to lean into acts of service to our family and household. It’s a time to call and check in on elderly relatives and neighbors. It’s a time to get creative and try out new projects. It’s a time to lift up our whole community through friendship and prayer. 

It’s important to recognize everyone around us is grieving losses. God-willing our social distancing will limit the loss of life, but during this time many students and parents are facing financial loss, loss of access to the sacraments, social losses, and many little losses in our daily routines. While some households are grieving the loss of any peace and quiet, others are longing for some companionship. I hope that we can accompany one another and spread sparks of hope and cheerfulness. 

It’s important to keep a schedule. Plan time for school work, exercise, a good sleep routine, and take time for family. Here’s an article from the NY Times: Home-schooling Teens and Tweens During Coronavirus Closings. 

And, finally, I want to share again the article from our sister school, Montrose School: Parenting During COVID-19: Three P’s to Help Our Teens and Tweens - Peace, Perspective, and Permission

I am available by email or sign up for a 15 minute virtual meeting.

Thank you for your support and your prayers,

Dr. Jaime Vasquez
Head of School
Willows Academy |  WillowsAcademy.org  | 847.824.6900
@willowsacademy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook