Win a $25 gift card to 2 Begin Again Boutique, plus a free wardrobe therapy session
Community Coupon Magazine is featuring 2 Begin Again as May's Business Spotlight. 2 Begin Again opened June 3rd 2016. Through several life changing events, 2 Begin Again owner, Ally Sutter, decided life is too short to not do something she loved everyday and to make a difference. She decided at that moment to literally "begin again" with a new life path. She has always had a creative side that helps her to see everything in a different light (everything and everyone has a story) she took her love of drinking coffee and making pretty things, and decided she would try making a career out of just that. Thinking outside the box. She first started Junk Farey Julz to make handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that tell a story, and the name came from Ally's best friend that passed away. She later established 2 Begin Again Boutique that offered not only Junk Farey Julz jewelry, but so much more.

2 Begin Again Boutique offers unique and whimsical wares, handmade one-of-a-kind Junk Farey Julz jewelry, vintage finds, re-purposed decor, and fashionable apparel and accessories. Some of the apparel offered are "Purchase with a Purpose" lines where some of the proceeds goes towards great causes. 2 Begin Again also offers personal shopping and wardrobe therapy sessions for those that struggle and stress over pulling together the finished look that helps each individual tell their own story. Seasonally, 2 Begin Again offers "Coffee & Creative Chaos" classes that also feature local artisans.  

Please follow 2 Begin Again on Facebook here to stay up-to-date on new lines of clothing and household wares that are coming in, special events, and workshops. Website coming soon! They are celebrating their 2 year anniversary in June. Looks for lots of sales promos, giveaways and lots of new lines & big changes!

2 Begin Again Boutique, LLC
1687 Marion Road, Bucyrus OH 44833
419-569-6452 Website:
Hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays 10am-5pm
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2 Begin Again Boutique, LLC
1687 Marion Road
Bucyrus OH 44833
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