February 1st - Next Pmt Due Date!
Reminder: Win up to $5,000 CASH the 1st night of the cruise! If you want to get in on the" Early Bird" cabin pay off drawing...the deadline is Feb.1. For those that may not have read their mailed info... you can win the price of your cabin in CASH ( up to $5,000) the first night of the cruise just by paying your cabin off in full by Feb. 1st.  1 ticket for each paid in full cabin in this drawing the first night of the cruise. Currently...only 114 cabin tickets in this drawing. THAT'S GREAT ODDS!! And you're gonna pay your cabin off anyway...costs you nothing extra...if you can, why not get in the drawing and start you're cruise off right????

For those that are NOT paid ahead nor paid in full :   February 1st is the next scheduled MINIMUM $600 payment due date (or $300 per person if there is more than 2 in the cabin) . You can always pay more. Late payments will incur a  $50 late fee  and those later than 15 days will be slated for cancellation. If you have a late payment situation you must discuss it with us prior to Feb. 1.  To make your online payment,  just click on the link below.  You'll need your password and username that was in your original paperwork with your mailed invoice. Can't find it or don't know your balance, just call us at 540-942-8791.  We prefer that you pay by Credit Card online.  Not the best doing an online payment???  Just call us with your credit card before Feb. 1 and we'll be happy to run the payment while you're on the phone.

I know it's still nearly a year away but hotel rooms are a priority as our Embassy Suites block of rooms are down to  just 38 on Friday and Marriott has  only 68 remaining on Friday. We can't add rooms at these locations for Friday but both hotels have now added more rooms to our block for Wednesday and Thursday prior to departure for those few hundred that wanted  to start their fun even earlier. So, if you still want to add Wednesday and Thursday to your Friday booking at our block price...you now can. Just use the Reservations by Phone # highlighted in green at the link below.  We are still working on the cruise return date rooms at our discounted prices as there has been a miscommunication with the hotel language of the contract. We just confirmed today that the Marriott has added 17 rooms on Dec.7th and 10 rooms on Dec. 8th at our group price. Again, you must call in. No word on Embassy as of yet. 
Travel Insurance

If you haven't yet, it would be a good idea to check out travel insurance. Cruise is still over 11 months away and it's leaving pretty much the 1 st week of December. So unlike our past cruises, Northern states could be more affected by weather in your travel to get to the ship. The insurance also pays for airfare, accidents, lost luggage, cruise price, hotels...pretty much whatever you want to include. You can add airfare, etc, later if you want.  If you book it, please let us know by e-mail so we can support you if the insurance company has questions.

Booking Airfare

I don't even think you can book airfare this far out but I been getting a lot of questions about it. All your needed info is listed on our website Transportation page. We'll have the airport ground transfer prices finalized in March. 
Rally Merchandise

Over the next few weeks we'll be working hard to get your exclusive T-shirts, hats, etc. ready to ship as close to April 1 as possible. Watch for a newsletter.
Drink Packages

RCCL would not talk prices until the new year...2019 is here now so we'll begin those talks soon and get you some prices.