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New Innovations in Structure Determination:
Crystallization & Screening
XtalTool: A replacement for 24-well Cover Slips
Using 24-well plates? Quit struggling with regular cover slips and do more with your crystallization using the new cover slip replacement.

Get the most from your crystallization, simplify soaking, and enable X-ray data collection with any direct crystal handling.
Cryo-EM Grid Prep & Storage
Generation 2.0
Cryo-EM Storage Pucks
Know you are loading the best grids into the microscope.

New features allow for easier sample storage, protection, tracking, and shipment of your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other EM applications.
Cryo-EM Vitrification Starter Kit
Finding the right vitrification conditions is essential for the best samples in Cryo-EM.

Now you can easily find the best match for optimal vitrification. The  Cryo-EM V-Kit that offers both a selection of surfactants, which have been successfully applied in cryo-EM sample preparation, and a selection of Quantifoil Holey Carbon Films to facilitate finding the optimal conditions for both soluble and membrane proteins.
Featured Article: Rigid-body motion is the main source of diffuse scattering in protein crystallography
Article in IUCrJ identifies that rigid-body motion is the main source of diffuse scattering in protein crystallography .

Findings suggest that modelling dynamics from diffuse scattering may present a larger challenge than was thought.
Utilize Advanced Cryocooling to Improve Results
NANUQ™ Access Facility
Your crystals are important. Prevent damaging ice formation, improve sample diffraction quality, and reduce or eliminate cryoprotection.

Visit the facility and cool them yourself, ship us samples for us to cool, or have us set up trays and perform the cryocooling for you.
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Post of The Month: February
"Who knew @Astro_Alex was a crystallographer? Here he is using our Gen 2 MiTeGen plates aboard the @Space_Station ! Photo Credit to @NASA . #mitegeninspace #crystallography #ISS"
West Coast Structural Biology Workshop 2019
We had a great time in California being a part of the West Coast Structural Biology Workshop.

It was great to present, learn about new innovations, and connect with our wonderful community! Looking forward to the 2021 meeting!
Beamline Job Opportunity
Open Beamline Scientist Position
The new scientist who joins this multi-national group operating cutting-edge instruments will bring innovation and teamwork to further the quality of X-ray crystallography beamlines.
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