June 08, 2017
Win More Sales With New Preferred Plus TLA Rates 
Term Life Answers from Mutual of Omaha
Repriced Term Life Answers combined with Age Last Birthday rates will help you outdistance the competition.

*  Preferred Plus risk class
*  Males and Females, ages 35 - 50; AGE LAST BIRTHDAY
* Term Life Answers 10-year and 20-year
*  Face amount bands of $250,000 and $500,000+

Shelia McAllister Retiring
It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Sheila McAllister from the Marketing Department of TBA. Sheila has been a part of TBA since 2000 and has given us 17 years of loyal service.

Sheila has relocated to Jacksonville, FL and will begin her well deserved retirement there. Her last day at TBA will be June 30th.

Please join us in saying "great job Sheila!" All of us at TBA will miss her contributions and extensive knowledge of the life insurance industry.

The 10-10-10 Plan
Help your clients knock out three birds with one stone
What if your clients could buy permanent life insurance, guaranteed to age 100 WITH a chronic illness benefit where they can:

* Pay premiums for 10 YEARS;
* Wait for 10 YEARS; and
* Get their money back over 10 YEARS -as a supplemental retirement benefit.

With AIG's 10-10-10 Plan, they can! 

What does June 9th Really Mean?
Before & After Examples of the Fiduciary Rule in Action
As June 9th is only a few days away, many producers are working hard to understand when the Fiduciary Rule applies to their business, and how to comply. This alert from AALU will provide "Before June 9th" and "After June 9th" comparisons for common insurance-based transactions.  These examples should help illustrate when and how the Rule applies, and give a basic checklist for compliance.  

Understanding Chronic Illness and Long-Term Care Life Insurance Options
Life Policies with living benefits are extremely popular, but do you know the difference? In this webinar, Carlan Snipes from One America will walk through the differences. 
Client Communication 
The AALU has updated two documents, "What to Tell Your Clients about the Estate Tax," and "Planning in the Era of Tax Reform," to keep you and your clients up-to-date on the every-changing developments out of Washington. 

MDRT Minute
3 ideas to handle objections

Three MDRT members share strategies to overcome objections and market yourself.          
Take the hassle out of underwriting                  
No Exams with SBLI

SBLI has a program that will allow clients 18-60 applying for $500,000 or less to purchase coverage and never have to do an exam. 

We feel like saving time in underwriting and delivering a better customer experience is worth the extra cost.  In fact, beginning April 3, 2017, we will be contacting you about the option of moving a case each time we receive an application that fits into the parameter of the program.

For Free

The TBA Mobile App was designed to give advisors the ability to be more efficient while away from the desk. This app has all of the tools needed to create sales as well as process paperwork more efficiently. It can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. It is available to download for free from the app stores of A pple, A ndroid, and Kindle.

Available tools include:
  • Instant Term Quotes 
  • Online Application 
  • Needs Analysis
  • Licensing 
  • Direct Dial TBA Employees
Dial Direct from the TBA Mobile App

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