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We're getting so excited about our 2014 Kids' Toy & Clothing Swap this weekend. We've been receiving tonnes of stuff, so if you haven't saved the date, make sure you circle Sunday, Jan. 26, and come down between 11 and 2! Swaps are fun! - full of surprises and treasures - and ours includes coffee, treats, and PRIZES! How does FREE hours for March sound? Are you going to come?

January's Transportation Month has been flying by (and racing, chugging, and sailing), and February will soon be here! Don't forget, you get a bonus when you buy your hours before Jan. 24, and this month, a double-bonus! 

The new year even brought a new school to Buddings, and you can check it out on the blog. 

January 27 is also Family Literacy Day, and if you've been thinking of adding to your library, this month, all the kids are talking about We All Go Travelling By, from Barefoot Books. We have a copy on our Clothing Swap Prize Table, but any book is good for sharing with kids! Why not start a Family Literacy Day tradition?

Zip, zoom, slip, slide! Away we go!
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Early Purchase Bonus - Jan. 24
New Look! New School!
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Grand Prize Announcement: March Daycare Hours FREE!
Our 2014 Kids' Toy & Clothing Swap is happening on Sunday, Jan. 26, from 11 - 2, and our storage room is filling up with great gear for kids and babies. 
And, in honour of everyone's spirit of giving, we're super excited to announce the GRAND PRIZE: March Hours FREE!

Our clothing swaps are tonnes of fun, and with every item you take, you get a chance to win one of 6 amazing door prizes, including the GRAND PRIZE - up to 40 hours of FREE daycare for March!

Never participated at a clothing swap before? Our blog has a handy guide on how to purge, and if you bring your unneeded stuff to Buddings by Friday, you'll get free admission and up to 10 items (and chances to win prizes!), when you come back on Sunday.  

Early Purchase Bonus - More Bonus-y than ever! 


You already know your Buddings hours must be paid by the 1st of the month, but we love to reward forethought, which is why we offer our Early Purchase Bonus. When you buy your hours by the 24th of the previous month, you get a 3 hour bonus on your 10 and 24 hour packages! 

Why not LOG IN now, and get yourself set up?

This month, there's even an extra bonus in it! Everyone who buys their February hours on or before Jan. 24 will be added to the guest list for our Clothing Swap on Sunday Jan. 26.

That means FREE admission, PLUS up to 10 items, AND up to 10 chances to win amazing prizes from Urban Baby & Toddler, Barefoot Books, Yoga in Daily Life, Lavender Lemonade Photography, World Reclaimed, and of course, the GRAND PRIZE: Your March Hours FREE! 

New Look! New School!  
If you've been into daycare already this month, you'll have noticed the big change! We've rearranged the furniture, and the kids have been loving the new lay-out. And we have some new friends enjoying the new digs: There's a new school of fish swimming around in our tank, and we're very excited to welcome them! 

The tank was a little low on life, since the great extinction of 2013, but with a little (more) knowledge, and a quick temperature adjustment, we think it will be a full recovery. 

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