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Jeremy B. White, MD
Dr. White is a board certified plastic surgeon. He has always been passionate about art and science. He began his studies at Columbia University in New York, where he obtained a broad education in classical art, humanities, and engineering. This culminated with a magna cum laude degree in biomedical engineering. His engineering background became quite useful at Albert Einstein College of Medicine when he began to investigate and publish regarding new surgical technologies.To further and broaden his expertise, he then completed a second residency in plastic & reconstructive surgery at the world famous Cleveland Clinic Florida. Here he learned the latest advanced techniques in cosmetic breast surgery, minimally invasive/small scar surgery, and body contouring while further honing his facial rejuvenation skills. " Life as a plastic surgeon is incredibly busy so, when I'm not taking care of patients, I like to spend the rest of my time with my wife and four kids whether it is playing sports, going to the beach, or having a tea party with my daughter, which still seems new to me after having three boys."
"Mommy Makeover"
As far as jobs go, being a mom is the most tasking and most rewarding of all. Being a parent is exhausting as it is truly a full time job without breaks. However, watching your "mini-me" develop and grow before your eyes is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. The mommy makeover is one of the many ways in which you finally get to pamper yourself to look as young and sexy as you feel. While some of your friends might have bounced back from their previous pregnancies, many are still unsatisfied with loose skin, stretch marks, and a round belly that won't flatten no matter how much they diet and exercise. Now that you have lost that "baby weight," you might not be filling out that bra or dress in the same way that you remember. A mommy makeover, with a combination of a tummy tuck, liposuction of the waist, and breast enhancement or lifting can help you restore your body and rock that bikini or evening gown at the next social gathering.
Acne is a common skin complaint that most people will experience at one point in their life. Acne most commonly affects the face but can also occur on the back, chest, neck and other areas of the body. Acne forms when hair follicles become clogged with dead skin and oil. The two main forms of acne are comedonal and inflammatory. Comedonal acne consists of both blackheads (open comedone) and white heads (closed comedone). Inflammatory acne consists of small tender red bumps (papules) and larger pustules. Acne can also become cystic and form painful under the skin bumps. Treatment is determined based on the type of acne with the most common being topical prescriptions, and or oral antibiotics. For females with hormonally driven acne sometimes oral birth control and spironolactone can be used to control breakouts. For severe, scarring non responsive acne isotretinoin may be prescribed. Acne facials as well as peels can also be used to control breakouts.
SkinCenter B-Prox Wash 10%
SkinCenter B-Prox Acne Wash contains 10% benzyl peroxide to effectively and treat acne prone skin without dryness or irritation. Benzyl peroxide decreases inflammation and has antibacterial activity against Propionibactrium acnes. This product can efficiently treat and prevent acne while cleansing the skin.
Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
This procedure couples microneedling with platelet-rich protein (PRP) derived from the serum portion of your own blood. A small sample of blood is taken from the individuals arm and spun to separate the PRP form the blood. This serum is high in platelets, the cells in the blood which help heal and grow new cells. When coupled with microneedling it promotes new collagen growth and tissue rejuvenation to tighten and smooth skin. The first step of the procedure is the application of the PRP directly to the face. The second step of the procedure is microneedling, where a small hand held device that contains tiny micro-needles is passed over the skin to create tiny wounds on the skin. This non invasive procedure gives you a brighter more youthful appearance while improving fines lines, scars, texture and tone of skin by harnessing the healing and restorative properties of one’s own cells.
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