Staying Safe- Staying Strong
Writing newsletters during Covid has been so challenging. My brain is clouded with concerns for guidelines and safety, Normally my mind would be running rampant with thoughts on alignment and images for healthy movement. Health is still the number one topic. We've all established a new way of existing during a pandemic and struggled with how to react and perform according to our individual comfort. At Monarch we continue to hold space for you and your movement health. We encourage you to hold strong in your physical well being, to keep your body moving and improving despite the challenges set upon us. Waiting to address pain or discomfort is not always an option. With masks, weekly teacher tests, virtual classes and lessons, and continued focus on air circulation- we are here for you. It feels good to see our community actively owning their strength. Thank goodness masks don't prevent you from finding and using your core!
We are excited to bring back the Women's Wellness mat class AND offer it as a Hybrid class. You can sign up to join the In Person class or join virtually through zoom. We don't want the challenges of today keep you from safely challenging your core!
As we continue to hold our own space in the greater Santa Cruz community we are asking for your help. Please share your reviews on Google & Yelp (Facebook and Wellness Living also appreciated) to help tell Santa Cruz who we are at Monarch Pilates. All reviews submitted to Google and Yelp before September 15th will be entered into a raffle to win a Monarch Pilates Fleece Zip up sweatshirt. Thanks for your help!
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The Women's Wellness Mat class focuses on establishing a healthy pelvic floor connection, tending to a Diastasis Recti, and integrating the rib cage into core awareness. The class is safe and appropriate for Prenatal, Postpartum and Osteoporosis but not limited to these populations. Women of all ages and with or without childbearing experience are encouraged to join and focus on their deeper core

Begins September 7th

Limited to 6 people - Masks Required

Props required - 12 in ball & 2 four inch balls
available at Monarch Pilates
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Waitlist spots open for Fridays at 12:00
Sign up for class on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.