In last week’s selection from our new book Wayfinder: Truths, Tools, and Triumphs for Any Leader To Find Their Way, we detailed a scenario from Bryan’s career where he needed to find a new career opportunity in a short window of time. Whether you win or lose, move forward. Listen to this brief clip by Kobe Bryant on not staying in place after a win or a loss. Wallowing in doubt never does anyone any good. It is pointless.

Chapter One

On The Road

Setser Group is on the road this week to visit the GCF Global team in Bogota, Colombia. GCF is on a mission to upskill the world in the basic skills that matter for success. Learn more about their work here: https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/.

Senior Engagement Manager Laura Noonan of Setser Group will lead the work in Bogota this week and has been instrumental in helping the organization reimagine its work with generous support from the Camber Foundation. Our lead tour guide and colleague on the trip in Colombia is German Arcinegas, who Setser Group has been working with over the past year. If you happen to find yourself in this amazing city or in the region, reach out to our team and we’ll make a plan to grab a coffee or join us for some Salsa dancing.

Learn more about GCF’s commitment to empowering the workforce in How Can I Upskill My Opportunities in 2023?

WGU Launches National Pilot

Check out the new 14-18-year-old offerings for college credit Setser Group is working on with Western Governors University.

WGU tuition is nearly 40% lower than the national average while delivering degrees respected and valued by the industry. Our tuition structure allows students to take as many courses as they’d like in a term for a flat cost, letting families save even more money.

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