April 2021 Camp Reminders
We hope you are looking forward to Summer Camp as we are less than two months away and planning is stepping into high gear. The park is waking back up after a very long winter and as we begin the process of getting ready to welcome back our campers, we like to make sure that everyone is well informed. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
COVID-19 Updates
We continue to monitor and engage with the State of CT, specifically the Office of Early Education regarding the ever changing guidelines. We will be following all protocols and recommendations presented by the OEC. These will include travel guidelines, mask recommendations, social distancing policies, etc.
We do expect there to be changes as we go through these next two months and so we will be sending update email(s) just before camp begins with details of any changes to what we have planned right now. As of today, all staff and campers will be required to wear masks when inside buildings, while traveling from their vehicles to their groups and while traveling from activity area to activity area. They will not be required to wear their masks while in their cohort and socially distanced from all other cohorts. Traveling out of state right now is allowed and quarantining is not mandatory. We will be doing temperature checks of all staff and campers each morning as we found that it did not take much time and it kept our community healthier from all illnesses.
As we mentioned upon enrollment and in the March Reminders, we will not be able to offer busses this year due to the cohort enforcement by the OEC and by the numbers of campers who use our busses each day during a typical summer.

We will be running drop off and pick up just like we did last year.

Families whose last name begins with A-F will drop off between 8:30am-8:50am and pick up between 3:00pm-3:20pm.

Families whose last name begins with G-N will drop off between 8:50am-9:10am and pick up between 3:20pm-3:40pm.

Families whose last name begins with O-Z will drop off between 9:10am-9:30am and pick up between 3:40pm-4:00pm. 
Swim Instruction
We are thrilled to be able to announce that we are going to be able to offer some level of swim instruction to all campers this summer. While it will not be American Red Cross Swim Lessons; we will be giving each camp group general aquatic education based on the camp group age. There will be introduction, fundamental, developmental, improvement and advanced skills taught depending on the camper age. We will do our best to cater to all campers in each group but please understand that our goal is to provide some level of skill based education to children, many of whom have not had a swim lesson since 2019 or perhaps not at all. There will not be pass/fails given and it will not be offered everyday as to give our campers some free swim and play time as well.
Medical Information
We do need a current medical form on file for every camper. The date of exam must be within three years of their attendance at camp. Here is our form: Camp Medical Form but we do accept any equivalent form. Please email the medical form in pdf format to us at your convenience.
Camp Balance Due Dates
Please let me know if you need your Camp Family ID (which is different than your Member Number). In order to pay your balance go to Camp Family Login and click on Camp Family Login. Here are the due dates:
Session One: Monday, April 26th
Session Two: Monday, May 10th
Session Three: Monday, May 24th
Session Four: Monday, June 7th