Birthday Prayer Fellowship
Jan. 24    Claire Hankins
Jan. 25    Matt Kingsley, Karen Pennington
Jan. 27    Bambi Akard, David Akard III, Piper Arnold,
                Ann Galliher, Phillip Hoffer, Ethan Webb,
                Grayson Webb, Jeremiah Webb, Samuel Parker
Jan. 28    Kaemon Nelson, Byron Schiesz
Jan. 30    Lucy Bechtold

Our love and sympathy are with Dee Eldreth in the death of her sister, Peggy Denton Peters, January 8. Dee was our church secretary for 28 years before retiring in 2009. We also hold in our hearts and prayers John and Karen Vann, in the death of their sister-in-law, Kitty Vann, January 13.

To the Church Triumphant
Sara Swann Gallaher Waller
December 22, 2020