October 22, 2020
7-12-7 Campaign
We are asking all members of the congregation who can to join us in prayer at particular times during the day. We are asking prayer partners to join with us at their choice of 7:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., or 7:00 p.m. We will join together in prayer to ask for God’s guidance, deliverance, and mercy for our church, community, nation, and world. The challenges 2020 has presented are great, but God is greater still.
Connect with a Connect Team
We’re developing new resources for church communication, and we ask you to share your time and talents in this vital ministry. Are you interested in helping others in the church stay current and connected? Do you have the skills, gifts, and time to make a quick call once a month to approximately eight members of the church, to see how they are doing and share what’s new at FPC? If so, please let Dave Welch know. Contact him at or 423-764-7176.
rake and leaves
Treat Folks to Leaf Raking
We’re getting together for some leaf raking Saturday, October 31, from 8:00 to noon. If you have a leaf blower, a rake, and a servant heart, then please join FPC’s Deacons, Boy Scouts, and other volunteers to rake leaves for folks who can use the help. If you need help removing leaves from your yard, please contact the church office at 423-764-7176. For more information, contact Dave Welch at
Please Help Us with AV
We need you on our audiovisual team! No experience is necessary. We will train you to control the cameras, modulate the sound, or run the videos and graphics. Just contact the church office to join.
Cheerios for Fairmount School
We are collecting boxes of Multi Grain Cheerios for the students of Fairmount School. Please drop your donations in the little red house in the Fellowship Hallway, or leave them on Dottie Havlik’s porch. You can email Dottie at or call her at 423-956-6747.
Tiger Cat to Hibernate
All during the mowing season the Tiger Cat has prowled up and down the church lawn seeking for what it can devour, as our intrepid mowing team kept it on its leash. Cats don’t much like the cold, and hunger makes them tetchy, so the time has come to tuck ours up until warm weather and growing grass return. All of us at FPC (and in the neighborhood) are grateful to the volunteers who have come out in heat and cold, wind and pandemic to walk the cat and groom the lawn in the longest year any of us can remember. As Roger Sikorski (October 21–24) mows for Dedication Sunday, October 25, we thank the whole team:

Randy Cook, Captain
Larry Connolly
Pat Flannagan
Ron Fox
Bruce Gannaway
Fred Harkleroad
JB Madison
David Moore
Randy Olson
Roger Sikorski
Organist's Footnotes
All three organ pieces Sunday are arrangements of the same chorale by three late Baroque German composers. “Jesu, meine Freude” (“Jesus, my joy”) was written by Johann Franck in 1650, with a melody by Johann Crüger. The song first appeared in Crüger’s hymnal Praxis pietatis melica in 1653. The text addresses Jesus as joy and support, versus enemies and the vanity of existence. The poetry is bar form, with irregular lines from 5 to 8 syllables. The melody repeats the first line as the last, framing each of the six stanzas.

Johann Gottfried Walther (1684–1748) was a music theorist, organist, composer, and lexicographer. Walther was born at Erfurt. His life was almost exactly contemporaneous to that of his cousin J.S. Bach. Walther was best known as the compiler of the Musicalisches Lexicon (Leipzig, 1732), an enormous dictionary of music and musicians. Not only was it the first dictionary of musical terms written in German, it was the first to contain both terms (more than 3,000) and biographical information about composers and performers up to the early 18th century. Walther evidently drew on more than 250 sources in compiling it, including theoretical treatises of the early Baroque and Renaissance.

Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau (1663–1712) was a musician and composer of vocal and keyboard music. He probably received his training from his father, the piper Heinrich Zachau, one of Leipzig's town musicians in the Alta capella, and maybe from Johann Schelle, a leading German composer, when the family moved to Eilenburg. As Kantor and organist of Halle’s Market Church in 1684 he succeeded Samuel Ebart. During his time at Halle Zachau became particularly renowned as a composer of dramatic cantatas. In 1695 he was criticized by the pietists because of his excessively long and elaborate music that could be appreciated only by cantors and organists. He was influenced by Johann Theile in Merseburg and the poetry of Erdmann Neumeister and his criticism of pietism.

Zachau taught Gottfried Kirchhoff, Johann Philipp Krieger, and Johann Gotthilf Ziegler, but he is best remembered as George Frideric Handel’s first music teacher. He taught Handel counterpoint and how to play the violin, organ, harpsichord, and oboe. His teaching was so effective that in 1702, at the age of seventeen, Handel accepted a position as organist at the former Dom in Halle. It is said that after Zachau died in 1712, Handel became a benefactor to his widow and children in gratitude for his teacher's instruction. In 1713 J.S. Bach (1685–1750) was invited to succeed Zachau at Halle.

You can hear last Sunday’s 11:00 a.m. traditional worship service with Sam Weddington’s sermon, “Obey God,” Dave Welch as liturgist, Lilly Osborne with Time for Children, and Bob Greene, organist, here.
Gifts to the Church
Memorials and honoraria are published in the newsletter only after the family has been personally notified by our business office. Today we gratefully acknowledge gifts in memory of:

  • Virginia Long: to the Children’s Ministries Fund from Molly & Dale Keller
  • Harriette Massengill: to the Memorial Fund from Richard Harlan
  • Bob & Betty Millard: to the Memorial Fund from Judith Moore Haile
  • Bob Millard: to the Memorial Fund from Ann Abel, from Patty & Wayne Clement, from Barbara Daniel, from Linda Darnell, from Dianne Harrison, from Molly & Dale Keller, from Dot Mattison, from John Henry Peters, from Brennan & Craig Rockett, from Angus & Carolyn Shaw, from Brandon & Mariel Story, from an anonymous donor
Pray for One Another
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