October 28, 2021
Word from the Pastor:
Need and Cost

“If I were hungry, I would not tell you,
for the world and all that is in it is mine.”
Psalm 50:12

A salesperson came to my house this week to measure for a new door and get me a quote from his company. He had all the fixtures and colors and bells and whistles at the ready. Truth be told, he nearly had me sold as he pulled out the fancy door cutaway, complete with fancy hinges.

We sat down and went through the door-building process. When we finally got to the suggested retail price, I nearly fell out of my chair. There is no way in the world a door could cost so much! I was looking for a barrier to keep the world at bay when I wanted and an entryway into the world when needed. I wasn’t looking for anything to be lead-lined or gold-trimmed!

This story brings together two elements of life familiar to us all: need and cost. Our needs vary, to be sure, but the fact that we need food, clothing, shelter, and the other things that make life good is no controversy. Cost is also something we have all reckoned with. We have to balance our supplies with our needs or, in my case, my bank account with the eagerness of a salesman to supply a new portal in and out of my home.

However, how we see the world defines the contours of the balancing act between our need and our want. Do we see the world as a place of abundance or as a place of lack and want? Do you, like me, assume that we’ll be mining the couch cushions once we pay for the door, or do you see that it’s only money, and money comes and goes?

The Lord hints at this problem of ours in Psalm 50. In this psalm, He is quick to make it clear that He is the author of all life. The Lord will have none of our attempts to please Him through outward shows of piety. Then we get to verse 12. The Israelites thought they were pleasing God with their endless sacrifices, that they were satisfying, placating, or appeasing God, as if God had any need His people could fulfill or desire we could satisfy.

In other words, the Israelites were guilty of assuming God was like them, needing to balance out the bottom line. God is quick to set them straight: even if he was or could be hungry, we’d never know. In fact, God would have no need to tell us because everything belongs to Him. There is no balance between need and cost when it comes to God. Instead, there is only abundant generosity that overflows from God towards us.

This Sunday, we will conclude our stewardship campaign for 2022. We hope you have made your monetary pledge so we can plan well for next year. We need your support to continue the ministry God has put before us.

I close with two reminders. First, whatever our need, we belong to a God who is able to meet any and all costsit all belongs to God! Second, whatever the cost to you as a member of our community, it all goes to meet the need of proclaiming the Good News that in Jesus Christ we belong to a God who has paid the freight. In the end, it all belongs to Him.

In Christ,
Pastor Sam
October 31
23rd Sunday after Pentecost
Stewardship Sunday
Psalm 126
Mark 4:26–32
Parables of the Seeds
Sam Weddington
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We Dedicate Our Pledges Sunday
October 31 is Stewardship Sunday, when we dedicate our combined pledges to God’s service. If you have not already returned your pledge card, please bring it with you when you come to worship this Sunday. You can download a pledge card here. If you prefer to make your pledge online, please refer to the instructions for online giving.
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and Pansies
and Fun!
Oh, My!

Everyone who turned out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon had a wonderful time planting pansies and painting pumpkins on the church grounds. The photos tell the story!
Saints and Stewards
The day we celebrate as Halloween may have grown out of the Druids’ holy day for honoring the dead. It was thought that only a veil separated the living and the dead and that on All Hallows’ Eve the veil was so thin that the souls of the dead could pass through and walk among the living. In Christian tradition, it is the eve before All Saints’ (or Hallows’) Day, when we remember those who have gone before us into death. In addition to its spiritual meaning, in this earthiest section of Windows, we recognize it as the sign that we have left the growing season and put the lawn mower away for the winter. As the mowing season ends, Captain Randy Cook (October 27–30) mows the church lawn for October 31, which is also, aptly, Stewardship Sunday.

Let us thank all the saints of the mowing team, good stewards all:

Larry Connolly
Randy Cook
Pat Flannagan
Ron Fox
Bruce Gannaway
Fred Harkleroad
JB Madison
David Moore
Randy Olson
Roger Sikorski
Gifts to the Church

Memorials and honoraria are published in the newsletter only after the family has been personally notified by our business office. Today we gratefully acknowledge the following gift in memory of:

  • Alice Moore: to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund from John & Karen Vann
Organist's Footnotes

Linda R. Lamb (pictured) has been involved with handbells since 1992, as director, ringer, and composer. She received a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Carson-Newman College (now University) with a minor in music, and a Master of Church Music with handbell emphasis from Concordia University Wisconsin. She is the founder and list owner of the Frustrated Friends of Finale (FFF), a mailing list for users of the computer music program who mostly compose and arrange for handbells. She has numerous handbell publications to her credit. Of her handbell arrangement of BEACH SPRING (our prelude) she writes, “The need for six-ringer music outside the standard twelve-bell arrangements rose from a need in my own church choir.” It is a perfect match for our six intrepid ringers today!

William Faulkes (1863–1933) was a native of Liverpool, where he spent most of his working life. His first appointment as church organist was at St. John the Baptist Tuebrook (1881–86). He returned to St. Margaret’s Anfield as organist in 1886 and remained in that post until his death. Faulkes published more than 500 organ works, for which he is best known. Such was his reputation that before and after the Great War he journeyed several times to Germany to record player rolls for the Welte Company. These rolls survive in the Seewen Museum of Music Automatons in Switzerland, and some have been recorded on CD. Faulkes dedicated his “Festival Prelude on Ein’ Feste Burg” (our postlude) to “my friend Edwin H. Lemare.” Known for his many organ transcriptions of orchestral works, Lemare had an even greater following all over the world.
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