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In the Pulpit Sunday: Dr. Brian Blount
Order Easter Lilies by April 8
Mission Team Leaves for Ethiopia Sunday
In the Pulpit April 7: Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi
Welcome Our Newest Members
New Members Class Begins after Easter
Because We Want To
Brazil Mission Does Not Live by Spaghetti Alone
Donations Urged for Spurgeon Hope Ministry
Wednesday Night Deepens Understanding of Resurrection
FPC Family Camp Weekend at Windy Gap in Late August
Find High Lonesome Skies in Our Sanctuary April 10
Acclaimed Mezzo Sings Us a Story April 15
Bro-Down Showdown Next Week
Help Us Hunt for Eggs
Student Ministries Volunteer Spotlight
New Jobs for Life Session Needs Salads
Sharing Christ Downtown Saturday
Catch Some Goldfish for Fairmount
Posthumous Gift from Dot Copenhaver
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Pray for One Another
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March 31
4th Sunday in Lent
Jeremiah 17:5-10
1 Corinthians 15:12-20
Super Power
Dr. Brian Blount
What Wondrous Love Is This
O Blest Are They Who in Their Love
Agnus Dei
Last Sunday's Attendance
9:00: 141; 11:00: 98
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March 28, 2019
In the Pulpit Sunday: Dr. Brian Blount
Dr. Brian Blount
The Reverend Dr. Brian Blount, President of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA, and Charlotte, NC, will be with us this Sunday, March 31, to preach on "Super Power." President Blount is also a professor of New Testament at the seminary. Before that, he was the Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Princeton Theological Seminary. The author of many books and commentaries, his area of academic expertise is the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Revelation, with emphasis on apocalyptic literature as a lens into ongoing cultural discussion and debate. He comes to us by invitation as the church continues to strengthen its relationship with the seminary through our support of international mission travel opportunities and internships for students through the Syngman Rhee Global Mission Center for Christian Education. We invite you to come and receive the news that President Blount will share with us in both services this Sunday, and to join us after the late service for a reception in the Fellowship Hall at 12:30.
Order Easter Lilies by April 8
We will place Easter lilies in our sanctuary on Easter Sunday, April 21, in the name of those we love and honor. Opportunities to order plants, which are $15 each, will be available until Monday, April 8. To order, fill out a form and return it with payment to the church office. To ensure correct acknowledgment in the Easter worship bulletin, please print all names exactly as you wish to see them. You can find order forms on the kiosk in the office hallway and in the sanctuary, the Fellowship Hall, and the church office.
Mission Team Leaves for Ethiopia Sunday
At our partner school in 2013.
Pastor Sam, Grace Kim, and Peggy Hill will depart on their mission trip to Ethiopia this Sunday. They will return on April 11. Please pray for them on their journey, asking God for safe travels and success, as we strengthen our relationship with our brothers and sisters there.
In the Pulpit April 7: Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi
Bishop Jeremiah and Susan Kibobi
Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi and his wife, Susan, and their three sons (Baraka, 29; Kim, 24; and Job, 23) serve the Lord in Kenya. They have a great passion for the welfare of the less privileged in society and especially for orphans, vulnerable children, youth, widows, and poor women. Their calling as a family is giving hope to the poor through a practical Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jeremiah is the Presiding Bishop of Visions of Glory, a nondenominational church that aims to contribute to people's spiritual, social, and economic life by loving, caring, and building them into what God intended them to be.
In Kenya in 2001, Bishop Jeremiah established a charity school, Magnet. There, orphan and poor children can get the education they need to improve their lives through the sponsorship of well-wishers and others who have a big heart for poor children. Since Magnet's establishment, more than 1,500 children have gained an education, and their lives have been positively impacted. Today 420 children attend the school, but only 140 of them are sponsored. Bishop Jeremiah and Susan are in the USA seeking support for the remaining 280 children, who each need a sponsorship of $35 per month. They also seek partnerships in mission that will enable them to help more needy children.
Welcome Our Newest Members
We received new members into our church family March 10. Help us to welcome them warmly when you see them!
Mike and Glennda Cleland
Mike and Glennda Cleland told us, "Retirement brought us to Bristol to be closer to children and grandchildren. We are grateful to have found such a wonderful church to call home."

Morgan and Josh King
Josh and Morgan King. Josh is a native of Bristol, and Morgan grew up in South Carolina. They met while students at Clemson University. They told us, "After getting married and living in Charlotte for a few years, we're planting ourselves in Bristol and excited to be a part of the community here."

Brittany Starnes
Brittany Starnes is a King University student who is serving FPC as a Student Ministries intern.

The Taylor family
Charlie and Elise Taylor are both native to Bristol, TN. They started their 13-year relationship at Tennessee High School and continued to date through college at the University of Tennessee, from which they graduated in 2011. In June 2011 they were married in our church. Charlie and Elise both work at Burke, Powers & Harty Insurance Agency. They have two sons, Charles (four and a half) and Winston (one and a half).
New Members Class Begins after Easter
So you've recently joined our congregation and want to know more about the Presbyterian Church in general and us in particular. Our new short-term adult class is for you! For six to eight Sunday mornings, we'll talk about church history, worship traditions, service and fellowship opportunities, what and why we believe, and even where you fit in. The class begins Sunday, April 28, in room 125 (off the Fellowship Hallway). It will be taught by Dave Welch, so we can confidently advertise it as engaging, informative, and entertaining. You have to be there.
Because We Want To
Ruby Chitsey
The Stewardship Committee shared this message with the congregation last Sunday.
What does stewardship look like when it's working right? Consider Ruby Chitsey, an 11-year-old who lives in Harrison, Arkansas. Her mom, Amanda, is a nurse who serves the residents in several nursing homes. Ruby often goes to work with her mom, not because she has to but because she wants to. She loves to visit with the residents and learn more about them as a way to satisfy her natural curiosity.
On one of these visits, Ruby began to ask residents a question, "If you could have any three things, what would they be?" Ruby expected them to say they wanted money, a house, or a Lamborghini. She was surprised when all they asked for was an electric razor, new shoes, Vienna sausage (lots of requests for Vienna sausage), watermelon, an avocado, and other very simple things.
Ruby Chitsey
She took note of their wishes and started a charity called Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents. (You can learn more about Ruby's charity here.) She established a GoFundMe site to pay for the items. Now Ruby comes through the nursing home pushing a wheelchair full of Vienna sausage, avocados, watermelon, and other items to give the residents. What Ruby is sharing is not so much groceries or personal care items as gifts of caring, recognition, remembrance, and love--gifts which she herself has received and is passing on for the benefit of others.
Ruby is not passing along her gifts because she has to or feels obligated to. Her desire is to connect with and be a benefit to others. As stewards of God's gifts, we desire to share the gifts we have received with others, not because we have to but because we want to. / Jerry Poteat
Brazil Mission Does Not Live by Spaghetti Alone
Students shared information about their Brazil mission with diners Sunday night.
A big thank you to everyone who came to the spaghetti dinner to support our upcoming Brazil mission trip! Team members did a great job sharing their hopes and excitement for all that God is leading them to this summer. They are excited to be the goers but know it is only possible through the prayers and gifts of the people God raises up to be the senders. We celebrate that, because of you, the team raised $4,000 at the dinner! Thank you! Thank you! Those funds will go toward sending the team and the supplies they will provide.
If you were unable to attend the dinner, you can still be part of the sending in several different ways!
  • Buy a Brazil prayer bracelet or two. The funds from sales of the bracelets will go toward the goods, ranging from construction material to school supplies, that we will buy for our partner church and school while we are in Felipe Camarão. The bracelets cost $10 each, and you can order them on Sundays or through our Facebook page.
  • Buy a T-shirt. Our tradition is to take T-shirts to the schoolchildren, teachers, and teenagers in the church. The gift shirts are identical to our team shirts. In purchasing a T-shirt, you also purchase a T-shirt for a child in Brazil. A T-shirt costs $20.
  • Donate supplies that we will take with us. We will collect these items throughout April:
    • Crayola washable markers (10-pack)
    • Crayola crayons
    • Staplers and staples
    • Clothes for children ages 4-7
    • Large suitcases with wheels
    • Give to the general Brazil fund. The team is raising funds for airfare, lodging, and food. You can write a check payable to FPC Bristol, or you can give by debit or credit card at We are so appreciative of anything you can give! We know that as we physically go, we represent our community and take you with us.
    • Pray for the people of Felipe Camarão and for our team, as we prepare to go and while we are there. We are thrilled for this experience and are asking God to break down our walls and expectations so that we can lean fully into what He is leading us to do and what He wants to do through us. /Katie Arnold
Donations Urged for Spurgeon Hope Ministry
Clearing away debris after an attack.
We are collecting donations for Spurgeon Hope Ministry in Kaduna, Nigeria, through the end of March. We invite you to consider the plight of your brothers and sisters in Nigeria and, at minimum, to pray for all Christians in Nigeria.
Terrorists have carried out attacks on Christians in Kaduna State. Many churches of the Evangelical Church of West Africa have been destroyed, pastors and congregants killed, and homes bombed. Your donations will go to help the survivors through the Spurgeon Hope Ministry in Kaduna, led by Rev. Nehemiah Maji of the ECWA.
If you feel led to donate, please make your check payable to First Presbyterian. In the memo line, please write "Spurgeon Hope Ministry." Donations will be sent in early April.
Wednesday Night Deepens Understanding of Resurrection
What difference can the claim that Jesus rose from the dead 2,000 years ago make to us today? With the scholar N.T. Wright, we are looking at the political, historical, and theological issues at stake both then and now. Please join us April 3 as we pursue our study of the Resurrection DVD series.
The evening's fellowship will begin at 5:30 with a supper of barbecue, beans, slaw, and dessert. The Adult Learning study of Resurrection will begin at 6:20. High School Small Groups, Middle School Gathering, and Wednesday Night Kids will meet at 6:00. The Sanctuary Handbell Choir and any adult who wants to learn to do the voodoo that they do so well will practice in room 212 at 6:15.
FPC Family Camp Weekend at Windy Gap in Late August
FPC has planned a family camp weekend for August 23 -25, and registration is open! We will go to Windy Gap in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains for adventure, relaxation, and family fun. Don't miss out on:
Adventure! We are going to a Young Life camp marked by high adventure and excitement. You may choose to relax in a rocking chair on the front porch of the dining hall or you may find it more exhilarating to fly down the 400-foot zipline into the lake, play archery tag, or take a ride in the giant swing.
Fun! Entertainment, music, and activities will fill the weekend with humor and fun. You can also enjoy the pool, gym, volleyball court, game room, and hiking trails.
Family! Our speaker at each of our Family Times will bring a message focused on families and faith. Your kids will have time with our Kids' Club workers to hear a message geared toward their age group.
Getting there. Each family will transport itself to Weaverville, NC, and staff will be waiting for us at the camp.
Lodging. Women and girls will be housed together, and men and boys will be housed together, all in first-rate cabins. If you have any special housing requests, the camp will strive to accommodate you.
Rates. Adults (ages 12 and up): $140. Children (ages 3 -11): $80. Babies (2 years or younger): Free. A deposit of $25 per person is required to hold each spot.
Register. Only 75 spots are available, so register here now.
More information is available at the Windy Gap Camp website here.
Find High Lonesome Skies in Our Sanctuary April 10
At 7:00 p.m., after Wednesday night fellowship April 10, dozens of gifted musicians will present Come Away to the Skies: A High Lonesome Bluegrass Mass in our sanctuary. The King University Symphonic Choir and Collegium Musicum will join our Sanctuary Choir and special guests the Chuck Nation Band. Tim Sharp and Wes Ramsey have arranged ancient texts of the church with gospel hymns and bluegrass to give us an unforgettable experience. Come join us for an evening of great music! Admission is free and the public is invited.
Acclaimed Mezzo Sings Us a Story April 15

World-renowned mezzo-soprano Andrea Baker will perform Sing Sistah Sing! in our sanctuary at 7:00 p.m. Monday, April 15. A mixture of storytelling, jazz, blues, opera, art song, gospel, and (on that evening) the rollicking piano of Peter Maleitzke, this show has won great international critical acclaim. Sing Sistah Sing! is both a celebration of the extraordinary breadth of the African American female voice and a heartfelt retelling of inspiring life stories. It brilliantly weaves together these women's struggles in the civil rights movement and in their fight for artistic freedom at home and abroad. Augmenting this theme, Baker is scheduled to talk about Civil Rights/Truth and Reconciliation with Pauline Moore from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. April 14 at Lee Street Baptist Church.
Bro-Down Showdown Next Week
Middle school and high school guys, save the date for the best guys' event of the year! Come to the Youth Wing Thursday, April 4, and we'll lock you in for a night of gruff, manly fun! It's an all-night adventure, from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Duuude, invite all your friends, and register on the church website. Then email Katie Arnold at
Help Us Hunt for Eggs
Our annual Easter Egg Hunt for ages 4 through 4th grade will take place Saturday, April 13. We will start in the Fellowship Hall at 1:00 p.m. where we will have an Easter drama and sing songs. Then we will go out back and do some hunting! We are now collecting donations of plastic eggs and candy. Lilly Osborne and her team will make up treat bags to give the children after the hunt, rather than put candy in the eggs, so donations of chocolate are more than acceptable! Please bring your donated items to the church by Monday, April 8. You will find a collection box near the Little Red House in the Fellowship Hallway, near Lilly's office. For more information or to learn how you can help, email Lilly at
Student Ministries Volunteer Spotlight
Will Hankins
This week the Student Ministries volunteer spotlight is on Will Hankins, who has served our students for four years. He co-teaches the confirmation course with Katie Arnold, has helped lead a high school trip, and will be a leader for the middle school trip to Great Escape this summer. Will's fantastic humor and vibrant faith engage students in thought-provoking discussions. His laidback demeanor and loving presence invite them into a safe place where they can ask tough questions and wrestle with faith topics. It is a gift to have his thoughtful insight and wisdom to teach and lead our middle schoolers as they journey through confirmation. Will, we are so thankful for you! Thank you for serving and loving our students so BIG!
Anyone feeling called to serve in Student Ministries is asked to contact Katie at She would love to have you on the team! / Katie Arnold
New Jobs for Life Session Needs Salads
Jobs for Life is gearing up a new evening session, and FPC has been asked to provide meals for 22 people on Monday, April 8, and Thursday, April 11. Volunteers have stepped up so vigorously that all we need now are two salads for 20 on April 11. Please consider whether you can provide one of them. They should be delivered to Central Christian Church between 5:15 and 5:30. John Vann will be there to receive them. Contact Dottie Havlik at or 423-956-6747, and she will tell you exactly how to get to the church and where to take your offering. Central Christian Church is at 424 Melrose Street near Vance Middle School. 
Sharing Christ Downtown Saturday
This Saturday, March 30, FPC volunteers will gather to serve our hungry neighbors at Sharing Christ Mission on the corner of State and Sixth streets downtown. Those who are taking food directly to the mission and those who are serving will meet there at 4:30 p.m. Those who are bringing food to the church should put it in the little kitchen by noon this Thursday. Remember that the church office is closed on Fridays. Thank you to all our generous volunteers!
Catch Some Goldfish for Fairmount
We are fishing for folks to donate goldfish crackers for snacktime at Fairmount Elementary School. Please bring bags of these little goodies to the Little Red House in the Fellowship Hallway. We will make sure they reach the school.
Posthumous Gift from Dot Copenhaver
Dot Copenhaver
The church has received a gift from the Estate of Dorothy (Dot) Copenhaver. One of the many ways Dot served God over the years was as a wedding coordinator. She is still serving! We give thanks to God for Dot and this special gift.
Gifts to the Church
Memorials and honoraria are published in the newsletter only after the family has been personally notified by our business office. Today we gratefully acknowledge gifts in memory of:
Dot Copenhaver: to the Memorial Fund from John & Karen Vann
Pat Hunigan: to the Capital Campaign from John & Karen Vann
Tony Raccioppo: to the Sound System Fund from Diane Harrison, from John & Karen Vann
Julia Rainero:  to the Memorial Fund from John & Karen Vann
Roscoe Spears: t o the Memorial Fund from John & Karen Vann
Pokey Warren: to the Memorial Fund from John & Karen Vann
Music Notes
Sunday's Early Worship
You can hear the songs we'll sing in the 9:00 service here.
Sunday's Late Worship
Participants: Pat Flannagan, Bob Greene, Sanctuary Choir.
Hans Leo Hassler
Music: Continuing through the church season of Lent, the choir will again sing a setting of the "Agnus Dei" ("Lamb of God") text. Our setting this week is by Hans Leo Hassler (1564 -1612), a German composer who is considered to be the transitional composer from the Renaissance style to the Baroque. Hassler was the son of the organist for the city of Nuremberg and studied for a short time in Venice with Giovanni Gabrieli. Hassler's sacred music was composed for both the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church. Our anthem displays his mastery of melody in the older Renaissance style. After his death, he was replaced by two of the greatest German composers of the time: Michael Praetorius and Heinrich Schütz.
Organist's footnotes: The three pieces we hear today, Passacaglia, Saraband, Chant by Wilbur Held (1914 -2015) are No. 11 in a series of publications called Music for a Sunday Morning.
Wilbur Held
A deeply thoughtful and meticulous musician, Held crafted elegant preludes, postludes, and hymn settings that remain central to the repertoire of church organists around the globe. His music is widely popular for its appeal to beginning- to intermediate-level players. "Wilbur Held makes organists of even moderate ability sound good," an admirer recently noted. In 1946 Held was named professor of organ at Ohio State University for what became a 30-year tenure. His organ studio grew quickly. Former students recall him as detailed and thorough, patient and kind. Hospitality was the order of the day as Held and his wife, artist Virginia Held, frequently hosted students in their gracious home. After years of summer study in liturgy and hymnology at Union Theological Seminary, Held was able to significantly expand the church music program at OSU. Sadly, both the organ and church music degrees were phased out after his retirement.
Sanctuary Handbell Choir: There's a small group of people in our church who are learning how to handle handbells. Why? Because they appreciate music, enjoy the fellowship, and want to contribute to worship on the occasional Sunday morning. All they need to make their happiness complete is for a few kind souls who want to learn in a stressless environment to join them. They meet most Wednesday evenings at 6:15, after the fellowship supper. Follow them upstairs to room 212 to join a group of nice folks who are learning together. Contact Bob Greene at or 423-341-0378, or just show up. That's how they swing.
Pray for One Another

In Our Prayers
Please also include in your prayers members of our community who wish to remain anonymous.
Mendy Bechtold
Beck family
Christians in Nigeria/ECWA
Nicole Crockett
Ethiopian brothers & sisters
FPC Ethiopian Mission Team
FPC Search Committees
Ben & Patsy Frizzell
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Birthday Prayer Fellowship
April 1         Beth Flannagan
April 2         Brenda Johnson, Karen White-Smith
April 4         Betsy Galliher
April 5         Landon Brooks, Larry Sharrett
April 6         Rett Stocstill
Church Calendar
Dr. Brian Blount
Sunday, March 31
9:00 a.m.       Worship, Fellowship Hall
10:10 a.m.     Sunday School
11:00 a.m.     Worship, Sanctuary
12:30 p.m.     Reception for Dr. Blount, Fellowship Hall
6:00 p.m.       Student Fellowship
Monday, April 1
6:30 p.m.       Board of Deacons, Rooms 117 & 123
Tuesday, April 2
10:00 a.m.     Staff Meeting, Room 117
10:00 a.m.     Morning Prayer Group, Conf. Room
7:00 p.m.       Boy Scout Troop 3, Scout Wing
Wednesday, April 3
9:30 a.m.       Women's Bible Study, Room 117
5:15 p.m.       Baby & Toddler Care, Rooms 34 - 37
5:30 p.m.       Fellowship Dinner, Fellowship Hall
6:00 p.m.       Wednesday Night Kids
6:00 p.m.       Middle School Gathering
6:00 p.m.       High School Small Groups
6:15 p.m.       Handbell Practice, Room 212
6:20 p.m.       Adult Learning
7:15 p.m.       Sanctuary Choir, Room 202
7:15 p.m.       Worship Team, Fellowship Hall
Thursday, April 4
7:00 a.m.       Men's Bible Study, Parlor
12:00 p.m.     Noon Bible Study, Room 117
7:00 p.m.       Bro-Down Showdown, Youth Wing
Friday, April 5
7:30 p.m.       King Symphonic Band Concert, Sanctuary
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Church Officers
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Nancy Allerton
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