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Subscriptions & Deadline
October Prayer Vigil and Budget Q&A Opportunities
Fall Break Next Week
Ring the Tower Bell on Sunday Mornings
Last Call for BFIA Kits
Fairmount Snack Program Resumes
In Communion with the World through Stewardship
Engaging Volunteers: Current Needs
Music Notes
Pray for One Another
Church Calendar
Our Church Officers
October 7
World Communion Sunday
Hosea 2:14-23
Mark 10:1-12
You Belong to Me
Sam Weddington
All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly
I Come with Joy
Bread of the World
Last Sunday's Attendance
8:30: 118; 11:00: 105
Subscriptions & Deadline
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October 4 , 2018
October Prayer Vigil and Budget Q&A Opportunities

What:        Two open meetings for members to enter into a season of prayer and
questions regarding the budget and how we progress toward God's ministry.
Who:         Members of the congregation, elders, and members of the Finance and
Stewardship committees
When:      Sundays, October 14 and 21, 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Where:    In the chapel
Why:         To pray earnestly that God's guidance and energy will lead our congregation
as  we move through the 2019 pledge drive.
To foster a deeper understanding regarding the operational budget through an open forum.
Fall Break Next Week
It doesn't look much like fall so far in Bristol, yet the calendar insists that autumn is here. BTCS will be on Fall Break next week, and our Wednesday night supper and programs will be suspended as well. The exception to this rule is that all choirs will rehearse at their usual times on October 10. We will resume our full Wednesday routine October 17, when Sydney Peltier will lead our Adult Learning session.
Tower Bell Volunteers, Take Note
Those of you who have expressed interest in ringing the tower bell on Sunday mornings are invited to meet at the bell tower at 10:40 this Sunday, October 7, to learn more. Remember, to reach the rope, you must be at least 5 '8 " tall and able to climb the tower stairs. Anyone else interested in helping to call the congregation to worship can email Beth Flannagan at or call her at 423-764-7875.
Last Call for BFIA Kits
Last call for personal care kits for Bristol Faith in Action! We took approximately 80 bags to BFIA last Friday, and the staff was extremely grateful to receive them. If you have not yet turned in your kits, please bring them to the church so they can be delivered to BFIA. Thank you! / Karen Vann
Hear the Cr-runch-ch!
We are collecting vanilla wafers for the many students of Fairmount Elementary whose families can't buy them snacks for the afternoon break. We collect snacks from our generous church family, and the Christian Hands Ministry folks make sure they get to the school. Please bring boxes of any brand of  vanilla wafers to the Little Red House in the Fellowship Hallway to help our friends at Fairmount pay attention through the fall afternoons. Thank you!
In Communion with the World through Stewardship
October 7 is World Communion Sunday, which grew out of a stewardship service at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Penn., in 1933. Shadyside describes it as an "attempt to bring churches together in a service of Christian unity-in which everyone might receive both inspiration and information, and above all, to know how important the Church of Jesus Christ is, and how each congregation is interconnected one with another." This worship service spread slowly to other congregations, but during World War II it became a unifying force, symbolizing "the effort to hold things together, in a spiritual sense. It emphasized that we are one in the Spirit and the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Here to help us remember that message of communal stewardship on the unmarked Sundays, and all other days, are Fred Harkleroad (October 3-6) and David Moore (October 10-13), just two of the good stewards and skillful mowers of First Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Tenn., in 2018.
The FPC mowing team welcomes men and women, adults and teens, entire families: younger children can move debris to the curb, and a parent or elder sibling can mow. It's easy, and you suit your own convenience by mowing once, twice, or thrice, as you choose. Simply contact Randy Cook at or 423-956-1541. If you're new to Scag mowers, he will be happy to give you a lesson on ours.
Engaging Volunteers: Current Needs

FPC has something for everyone who likes to be of service to our congregation and our neighbors. Just run your eye down the list below! To volunteer, call the church office at 423-764-7176 or get in touch with the contact person listed for each opportunity.
Children's Sunday School. We need one more helper. Sign up for one week, one month, or a specific day. Contact Lilly Osborne,
Fusion. We need a male helper for our great group of fifth and sixth grade boys. Contact Lilly Osborne,
Halloween Help. We need volunteers to decorate car trunks and donate treats for our contribution to Haunted Halls at Fairmount Elementary School. The event will be held Thursday, October 25, at 5:30 p.m. You will need to be in the parking lot early enough to set up and be ready for trick-or-treaters. We are also accepting donations of candy without the car! Contact Lilly Osborne,
Handbell Ringer. We urgently need one more ringer for the Sanctuary Handbell Choir, which practices Wednesdays from 6:20 to 7:15 p.m. Contact Beth Flannagan,, or Bob Greene,
Kitchen Cleanup. We still need folks to clean up after our Wednesday fellowship suppers. Please pitch in! Contact Scottie Bales,
Tower Bell Ringer. If you are at least 5'8" tall and able to climb the stairs in the bell tower, come to the tower at 10:40 a.m. this Sunday, October 7. We will show you how to properly pull the rope and how many times to ring the bell. Contact Beth Flannagan, or 423-764-7875.
Music Notes
Sunday's music: Our anthem, "Bread of the World," was composed by Hal Hopson (b. 1933) to a text by Reginald Heber (1783 -1826). Heber was an English bishop and hymn writer who served as the Bishop of Calcutta. His hymns have remained popular and
Hal Hopson
include "Holy, Holy, Holy" (#1 in our hymnal). Hal Hopson is no stranger to the choir or to the church, having spent more than a week in residence with us as a visiting artist. Mr. Hopson is a prolific composer with more than 1,800 titles to his credit. He has served the church as church musician, composer, and teacher at several colleges and universities. A native of Texas, Mr. Hopson now resides in Austin with his family.
Organist's footnotes: October 7 is World Communion Sunday, a celebration to promote Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation that is observed by several Christian denominations on the first Sunday of every October. The tradition was begun in 1933 by Hugh Thomson Kerr, who ministered in the Shadyside Presbyterian Church. It was adopted throughout the US Presbyterian Church in 1936 and subsequently spread to other denominations. All of Sunday's music relates to this communion theme.
Hugh Thomson Kerr
"O Bread of Life from Heaven" is found in Lutheran hymnals. Aaron David Miller's (b. 1972) setting (our prelude) uses a quickly flowing eighth-note accompaniment with continually shifting meters. In the "whimsically" contrasting middle section, the melody is greatly embellished. Miller concludes with a brief revisit of the first section.
The sturdy 1543 Louis Bourgeois tune RENDEZ À DIEU is the skeleton on which the hymn "Bread of the World, in Mercy Broken" (#499 in Glory to God) is placed. Our communion music consists of James Biery's (b. 1956) two settings of this tune: "Prelude," with the melody in the pedals, and "Capriccio," marked "slowly, like the twinkling of stars."
Wilbur Held's (1914 -2015) setting of HOLY MANNA, the tune used in our opening hymn, serves equally well as the postlude.
Handbell ringer needed: We urgently need one more ringer for the Sanctuary Handbell Choir, which practices Wednesdays from 6:20 to 7:15 p.m. Please talk with Beth Flannagan, Mary Ellis Rice, Rebecca Tate, Jim White, or Bob Greene. Join us upstairs in room 212 after the fellowship supper and make music with a fun-loving group!
Sunday's music participants: Bob Greene, Pat Flannagan, Sanctuary Choir.
Pray for One Another

In Our Prayers
Kevin Buck
Becky Busler
Jane Crewey
DeeDee Galliher
Ron Grubbs
Nancy King
Debbie McMillin
Larry Mullins
Don Preston
Virginia Rutherford
Chuck Thompson
Bill Wade
Birthday Prayer Fellowship
We regret that a database glitch gave us the wrong birthday list last week. We apologize to all those we startled! Here are the birthdays for the first two weeks of October.
Oct. 2        Jordan Pennington
Oct. 3        Fred Harkleroad
Oct. 4        Brian Miller, Deborah Whitaker
Oct. 6        Rusty Felty, Will Holmes
Oct. 7        Ann Blevins, David Hankins, Rachel Kent, Elliott Yates
Oct. 8        Patty King, Tom King, Bill Linderman, Reed Miller, Cheryl Stone
Oct. 9        Emmett Bane, Kathleen Dotterweich, Chris Winters
Oct. 10      John Adams, Ian Addison, Laura Linke
Oct. 11      David Akard, Rick Ladd, Dot Mattison, Brandon Story
Oct. 12      Mary Givens Crutchfield, Laura Ong, Bill Wade
Oct. 13      Buddy Eller, Katie Sword
Church Calendar
Sunday, October 7
8:30 a.m.       Worship, Fellowship Hall
9:45 a.m.       Sunday School
11:00 a.m.     Worship, Sanctuary
Monday, October 8
7:00 p.m.       Building & Grounds Comm., Room 117
7:00 p.m.       Worship Comm., Room 123
Tuesday, October 9
10:00 a.m.     Staff Meeting, Room 117
10:00 a.m.     Morning Prayer Group, Conference Room
6:00 p.m.       Venture Crew 3, Room 165
7:00 p.m.       Boy Scout Troop 3, Scout Wing
Wednesday, October 10
9:30 a.m.       Women's Bible Study, Room 117
6:20 p.m.       Handbell Choir, Room 212
7:15 p.m.       Sanctuary Choir, Room 220
7:15 p.m.       Worship Team, Fellowship Hall
Thursday, October 11
7:00 a.m.       Men's Bible Study, Parlor
8:30 a.m.       Meals on Wheels, Fellowship Hall
12:00 p.m.     Noon Bible Study, Room 117
4:30 p.m.       Human Resources Comm., Room 117
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