June 27, 2019
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Recently during a lunch date with some of my friends we were sharing areas regarding household duties that we liked to do. I like to wash windows to which one of my friends responded that she thought that I should secure counseling. She however shared that she wiped the top of her refrigerator off weekly. Seriously……And she was judging me!!!!!!

There is just something about clean windows. Looking out it somehow makes the whole house seem cleaner. It makes the outside appear clearer. The back wall of our living room is a 9-foot window. From that window I can see the woods behind our house, deer grazing in our backyard, our grandkids and kids swimming in the pool in our backyard, dogwood in full bloom, hummingbirds feeding, and the list goes on and on. Our two-year-old grandson has found it fun to lick the window as he stands looking out. So as soon as I see the car pulling out of the driveway I am stationed with Windex and paper towel in hand to clean off the lick marks only to know that after the next visit I will repeat the process.

I began to think the other day about the windows of my heart. I realized that maybe that window needed to be cleaned up. Our walk and relationship with Christ are really a condition of the heart. Were there fingerprints and rain spots on the windows of my heart?  Oh, that a bottle of Windex and a paper towel could clean it up. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. My heart window had become cynical, negative and self-serving. You know the things that you say to yourself…... “They could be helping more with that. They could do better if they wanted to. I give and give and give and nobody else makes the sacrifices that I make.”

Recently a wonderful Christian lady, that I love and respect very much, felt that God was directing her to share about years of abuse that she experienced as a pre-teen and teenager. She sat on the platform, with her husband and my pastor, and shared her experience and then invited any woman that had a similar story to come to the church the following evening. The attendance was overwhelming. We can never know what others face or have faced. As we think about Women’s Ministries let’s make a unified effort to reach out to those women in our churches as well as on our mission fields with that support and love that only God can provide. So many needs and you don’t have to look very far to find them. What are the windows of your heart telling you? Does your window need to be cleaned up? Have those windows become clouded so that you can’t see the outside?

Let’s all get out that bottle of Windex (the word of God) and as the old hymn says, “Have a little talk with Jesus”. You will be amazed how much clearer everything will look.



Mt. Gilead Women's Ministries have restructered!

We are so excited to see what God is going to do in and thru your ministry !

If your wondering how to partner in ministry with these ladies and many more please feel free to contact
Vicki Smith or Kris Pratt

Women's Ministries is sponsoring this exciting new Club offered only at OCU!

You have the opportunity to help support this adventure and help shape Young Women
Into Leaders in their churches and communities!

Discipleship/Christian Leadership Program

Oakland City University has a rich tradition of providing quality education to students in a setting grounded in Christian values. While on campus, students are eager to grow in their faith but often need encouragement and direction to put their faith in action. Oftentimes, due to being away from home, students are unaware of opportunities to serve in our surrounding communities. This program will give students the chance to fulfill Oakland City University’s moto: “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.” This program’s desire is to see students transformed and equipped to become disciples of Jesus Christ: ready to live out their faith among their peers, become leaders in their churches, and share the gospel throughout the world.  

How can we help support this misison? Easy!
Just send any donation to:

Women's Ministries
100 Stinson Dr.
Poplar Bluff MO 63901

Make checks payable to: Women's Ministries and disignate:
OCU Scholarship Fund

Just think you could be part of making leaders in our churches, communites, and even on the mission fields!


"Showering our Missionaries"

Instead of sponsoring an Auction Basket, at this years Summit. We need your help with sponsoring Gift Cards!

This year we would like to provide our missionaries with gift cards for gas, food, etc. to be used while they are stateside.

We will deliver the cards to our missionaries during our "Missionary Reception on Tuesday afternoon of the Summit. 

If you would like to help with this project all monies and gift cards must be mailed to

Women’s Ministries
100 Stinson Dr.
Poplar Bluff MO 63901

Please mail all monies by July 1. 
You don’t want to miss Summit this year!

  • Women's Ministries will be hosting three breakout session designed to share the vision of Women's Ministries. Make sure to attend each one!
  • A missionary reception for women to connect and visit with our missionaries. PIck up your invitation at our display!
  • Lots of other surprises at the Women’s Ministries display area.
  • Make sure to turn in your filled water bottles to the Women's Ministries Table!


Water Bottle Challenge!

Bring your filled bottles to the Summit,
Inside Out
or any event you may think a WM representative will be at
cash it in and send your check to Women's Ministries

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July10 Emerita Rodriguez
Missionary to Mexico
Rene & Emerita service in California
working with the Lanito Churches there.
Emertia's address is:
102 S. Sanderson Ave
San Jacinto, CA 92582

July 28 Jessey and Brittany Vemula anniversary
They are stateside until after the Summit
Their stateside address is:
492 Hester St.
Bloomfield, MO 63825

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