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Saturday, August 29, 2020
Did you know our English class instructors and staff have recorded YouTube classes? Watch new videos for ELL Learners on English learning skills, crafts, recipes and more. Visit us on YouTube and subscribe today.
Enrolling Now - Fall Literacy Classes offered Online
The Literacy Department offers English as a New Language (ENL) classes to adult English Language Learners in our community. Morning and evening classes will be offered virtually in September. If you, or someone you know, are interested in virtual English classes, please visit the library, call (631) 399-1511 ext. 214, or email 
Bilingual Children's Books to Share
Introducing children to a new language through picture books is a great way to learn vocabulary and basic sentence structure. Research shows many benefits of learning a new language. Children can develop better communications skills, problem solving skills, enhance concentration and memory, develop a sense of cultural awareness, and feel proud in the accomplishment of learning something new!
Literacy staff curated a list of bilingual picture books available to download with your library card. Find books in Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Chinese.

Get a Change of Scenery
If you need a change of scenery, and cannot travel this summer, try viewing the world from a different perspective. Visit the website Window Swap, a quarantine project by a husband and wife team, that let’s viewers open a new window somewhere in the world. Some views are ordinary and some are exotic, from places in the United States, France, India, Japan, and everywhere in between.

Take a look through a new window HERE

Also, you can submit your own video of the view outside your window. This picture was taken in Singapore.

Looking to plan your next big adventure? OR, want to get away without leaving the comfort of your home? Access the digital library of Fodor’s Travel Guides to learn about travel destinations at home and abroad; find tips for travel, accommodations, itineraries, food, and more. Download with your library card from Hoopla HERE
Staff Picks of the Week: NOW That's What I call Music! Vol. 72
Samantha recommends NOW That's What I call Music! Vol. 72 available on Hoopla. She says “If you are looking for a compilation of trendy songs you may have heard on the radio, then this Hoopla download is for you.

The album NOW That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 72 is fun to listen to. Hear twenty one songs from your favorite artists and jam along with friends and family! Play it during a workout to keep your energy and spirits up! My favorite songs from this download are Only Human by the Jonas Brothers and Señorita by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes.”

Language Spotlight: Confusing English Words!

Language is complex! The dictionary is an effective tool if one is unsure of a word’s meaning, usage, or spelling; access the Miriam Webster dictionary, among others, digitally through their website or smart phone app. Miriam Webster compiled a list of the 10 most frequently searched words on their website. The words pretentious and apathetic made the list. Read the article HERE

Literacy instructor, Catherine, will review the difference between confusing words like "breath and breathe" and "farther and further." Review your skills or learn something new. Watch the video Confusing English Words” on our YouTube channel HERE

United States Citizenship - Prep for the Test
Did you know that one part of the process to become a United States citizen includes one hundred questions about United States history, government, and geography? Test yourself and see how you do. Access flashcards for all 100 questions HERE

If you’re eligible and interested in becoming an American citizen, you can participate in our Citizenship Preparation class. Stop by, or call, the Literacy office (631) 399-1511 ext. 220 or email for more information.

If you’re looking for resources to study on your own, visit the United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) website

Also, there are many books to download using your library card. Find the ebook

Available 24/7 from anywhere with your MMSCL Card
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Over 100 titles of popular magazines to download from

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Kanopy features award-winning films, & documentaries

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