January 2019
Single Family Programs Newsletter
Excitement is building for this year’s conference in our new Spring time slot, March 6-7, 2019. We hope this change will enable even more housing professionals to attend, and there will definitely be plenty to do in Nashville at that time! We hope you are able to join us and enjoy the great line-up of topics and excellent speakers.
2018 RECAP
Kendra Love
HUD Housing Counselor Coordinator-West TN

2019 is here and we are already half-way through the month. For the Homebuyer Education Initiative (HBEI) Team, 2018 was a year of program creations, collaborations, and accomplishments.

In January, Russell Catron came on board as the Middle TN Housing Counselor completing the trio to provide coverage for all 3 regions in Tennessee. Supporting the counselor’s motto “ From East to Middle to West, we’re giving it our best!”

In April, after months of hard work, the agency became HUD approved through the HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling. Shortly after the approval, Russell, Josh McKinney, and Kendra Love all passed the National HUD Counseling exam to become HUD Certified Counselors.

THDA’s servicing department, Volunteer Mortgage Loan Servicing (VMLS) finalized the conversion with US Bank, bringing THDA loans in house. With this came the collaboration of VMLS and the HUD counselors. The Counselors serve as a resource for borrowers. In order to reach homeowners on the front end and to prevent long term challenges, the First Contact Program was created. This program helps minimize foreclosure by ensuring borrowers are aware early in their home purchase of counseling services.
Josh partnered with the Department of Corrections in East TN to create the “Good Tenant Program,” which offers rental housing counseling to program participants. Russell has been preparing to deliver homeownership workshops for US Courts in Middle TN. And Kendra participated and graduated from THDA’s 2018 Leadership Academy. Along with this activity, the counselors have been going out into their assigned regions, attending monthly county meetings to network, staying up to date, and gaining resources to aid clients when facing a hardship. On numerous occasions all 3 counselors were invited to speak on various panels, create, educate, and facilitate workshops and a C. E. credit course.

June marked the 1 year anniversary of THDA’s housing counseling program. In addition, the counselors also helped to launch the 1 st Annual Homebuyer Education Symposium, a revamp of the previous years' Peer Sessions. The Symposium is a 3 day event in which all HBEI approved Counselors and Educators come together for networking, learning, and C.E. credits. It was a success and set the standard for future Symposiums to come.

The HBEI Team wants to say thank you to the Single Family Division for their great teamwork and to each of our network and industry partners for the successful collaborations. We look forward to another prosperous year for us all. 

Pictured below: Josh McKinney, Kendra Love, Russell Catron

Do you see a THDA Rider and visualize riding out under the open sky? I know I do. Sadly it isn’t as fun as all that but just as a reminder, the THDA Rider always gets recorded with the 1 st Mortgage Deed of Trust and never with the 2 nd Mortgage Deed of Trust. Next month maybe I will have a longer blurb. Yippee Ki Yo!

Remember that during the first quarter it will be advantageous to submit the final year end pay stub paid in 2018 as well as the most recent pay stub that reflects a pay through date within 30 days of the date submitted to THDA.

1098 Update
If $600 or more in mortgage interest was paid to VMLS for a THDA mortgage account in 2018, the borrower will receive an IRS form 1098. These forms will be mailed out prior to January 31, 2019. US Bank or FAHE will be providing 1098 tax statements for any interest paid directly to them in 2018 for a THDA mortgage loan.

Welcome Susan!

Please join the Loan Operations staff as we welcome Susan Pinkney to the team! Susan is our newest Mortgage Loan Specialist. She enjoys watching sports and rooting for both teams as she never knows what’s going on. She loves to shop and go to museums. Susan has a daughter who is a Senior in high school, Vice President of the Senior Class, and Homecoming Queen; so she thinks she’s done something right. Susan is so excited for the opportunity to work at THDA and has previously worked with our Originating Agents. Welcome Susan!! 


Learn everything you need to know to write a THDA contract. Sign-up through your area Association for one of the following scheduled four-hour CE classes on the Great Choice Home Loan program.

THDA Great Choice Mortgage Programs
Course # 7571 – 4HR. TREC CE Credit*

Feb. 13, 9am – 1pm at Knoxville Area Assn. of REALTORS®

Feb. 27, 12pm – 4pm at Clarksville Assn. of REALTORS®

Mar. 13, 9am – 1pm at Greater Nashville REALTORS®

Jun. 14, 12pm – 4pm at Greater Nashville REALTORS®

Jul. 26, 8:30am – 12:30pm at Clarksville Assn. of REALTORS®

Dec. 12, 12pm – 4pm at Greater Nashville REALTORS®

REGISTRATION: Through Association’s regular CE class registration process.

*This schedule will increase as other Associations book their 2019 CE Classes with THDA.

Questions may be addressed to Debbie Reeves at dreeves@thda.org .


2019 TN Excel Summit
1Hr. CE Class – Marriott Cool Springs
 (Formerly TAR Spring Conference)

Mar.19, 2019 10:30am – 11:30am
THDA Great Choice Mortgage Update

REGISTRATION: Included in the cost to attend Summit. Register to attend the 2019 TN Excel Summit through TN REALTORS® website at this link:  https://tnrealtors.com/events/tnex2019/  
Monthly OA Rankings - December 31, 2018
Our total application production for December is $56,222.041 .
1/1/18 - 12/31/18
Year-to-Date OA Rankings through December 31, 2018
Our total application production through December is $662,155,551.
OA Rankings through December 31, 2018
OA Rankings through December 31, 2018
OA Rankings through December 31, 2018
2018 Results for Star Rewards and Top Honors

Star Rewards Update

25 Perfect Loan Submissions    

Connie Brewington, First Community Mortgage
21 Perfect Loan Submissions  

Taylor Gobble , First Citizens National

17 Perfect Loan Submissions

Neva Huddleston, Everett Financial

15 Perfect Loan Submissions

Frederica Maxwell , Mortgage Investors Group
Shelley Allen, Bank of Cleveland

12 Perfect Loan Submissions  

Pam German, Leaders Credit Union
Top Honors Update

THDA Top Loan Originators

86 Closed Loans: Tammy Barr, Everett Financial      

55 Closed Loans:  Carey Ann Cyr, CMG Mortgage
47 Closed Loans: Stacy Flynn, Mortgage Investors Group
Marissa French, People's Home Equity

46 Closed Loans:  Brandy Deloach, First Community Mortgage

42 Closed Loans:  Michael Worley, Mortgage Investors Group  
THDA Top Selling Agents  
13 Closed Loans   Barbara Wilson

12 Closed Loans: Joey Conner

11 Closed Loans: Bernie Gallerani

10 Closed Loans: Ryan Whiteside

9 Closed Loans: Michael Baker

8 Closed Loans: Michael Swift

THDA Top Listing Agents 

16 Closed Loans Sarah Richards

12 Closed Loans: Todd Haltom

9 Closed Loans: Ryan Whiteside, Joey Conner

8 Closed Loans: Susanne Flynn, Jon Putt, Jodie Parrish, Barbara Wilson
THDA Top Builders
37 Closed Loans:  LGI Homes

23 Closed Loans: Ole South

20 Closed Loans:  Ryan Homes

14 Closed Loans: Clayton Homes
Results for Star Rewards and Top Honors are based on accuracy of data 
submitted , for loans closed 1/1/18 to 12/31/18.
For mortgage related questions, please call the Single Family help desk at 615-815-2100 or email sfASK@thda.org.