March 2019
Single Family Programs Newsletter
Rhonda Ronnow
Director of Loan Operations

REMINDER: Effective March 18, 2019, the following 3 ZIP Codes will be removed from the HHF-DPA Program . For more information see Memo to Originating Agents dated February 1, 2019 on our website.

37217 Nashville
37890 White Pine
37924 Knoxville

Complete loan applications must be submitted to THDA by March 17, 2019.
TN Housing Conference
Offers Opportunities for Counselors
Josh McKinney
HUD Housing Counselor Coordinator-East TN

Counselors and other professionals from all over the state came together to learn more about the HUD certification for housing counselors at the Tennessee Housing Conference March 6-7. THDA’s Single Family Loan Operations facilitated this opportunity, inviting HUD Housing Program Technical Specialist Robin Penick to come and speak to the group. Penick joined a panel of guests, including HomeSource East TN Homeownership Manager Taylor Hays, to share her insight into the HUD certification process for housing counselors and to take questions from those in attendance. By August 1, 2020 all counselors working at a HUD-approved counseling agency must pass the HUD certification exam and become certified. In addition, after this date all counseling required for a program funded by HUD must be done by a HUD-certified counselor.

“It’s a big change; we just want to help make sure everyone is ready,” said THDA’s HBEI Program Manager Jayna Johnson . “As the industry moves in this direction, counselors and educators need resources to support them. They are doing important work!” Johnson’s team recently made changes to its requirements for its network of counseling and education agencies across the state. Where NeighborWorks certifications were previously required of its members, now the HBEI team allows a counselor who passes the HUD exam to offer services to THDA loan recipients. In addition, the team is providing trainings and meeting with counselors to help them to prepare for what they will find on the test. Penick reported during the session that only 20% of HUD’s more than 8,000 housing counselors had passed the certification exam. As the deadline nears Johnson hopes that number will rise. “I think more education and outreach will help,” Johnson said. “I believe this is a great opportunity and I think that counselors, when they see the benefits, will start to see it that way too.”

In addition to the HUD Bootcamp panel, THDA partnered with NeighborWorks to offer a course on senior services. Altogether, counselors were able to earn 7.5 hours of continuing education for attending the sessions.




Mark your Calendars!!
The next Monthly Lender Q&A with Caroline and Sarah will be Tuesday, March 19, 2019 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Central Time . This one will be a Webex. You will not receive an individual invitation, instead you will need to click on the following link a few minutes prior.

Meeting Password : MONTHLYQA

For just an Audio Connection, please use 1-650-479-3208.

We will have a special guest this time!!
  Jayna Johnson, THDA's Homebuyer Education Manager will be sitting in to answer any questions you may have about our Homebuyer Education requirements.

Please continue to send your questions to either or to be included in this call.


Learn everything you need to know to write a THDA contract. Sign-up through your area Association for one of the following scheduled four-hour CE classes on the Great Choice Home Loan program.

THDA Great Choice Mortgage Programs
Course # 7571 – 4HR. TREC CE Credit*

Jun. 14, 12pm – 4pm at Greater Nashville REALTORS®

Jul. 26, 8:30am – 12:30pm at Clarksville Assn. of REALTORS®

Dec. 12, 12pm – 4pm at Greater Nashville REALTORS®

REGISTRATION: Through Association’s regular CE class registration process.

*This schedule will increase as other Associations book their 2019 CE Classes with THDA.

Questions may be addressed to Debbie Reeves at .


2019 TN Excel Summit
1Hr. CE Class – Marriott Cool Springs
 (Formerly TAR Spring Conference)

Mar.19, 2019 10:30am – 11:30am
THDA Great Choice Mortgage Update

REGISTRATION: Included in the cost to attend Summit. Register to attend the 2019 TN Excel Summit through TN REALTORS® website at this link:  
Monthly OA Rankings - March 31, 2019
Our total application production for March is $48,612,285 .
Year-to-Date OA Rankings through March 31, 2019
Our total application production through December is $662,155,551.
OA Rankings through March 31, 2019
OA Rankings through March 31, 2019
OA Rankings through March 31, 2019
Star Rewards Update

3 Perfect Loan Submissions    

Jesica Krystofiak, First Community Mortgage
Top Honors Update

THDA Top Loan Originators

10 Closed Loans: Tammy Barr, Everett Financial      

9 Closed Loans:  Debbie Windisch, Mortgage Investors Group
7 Closed Loans: Nick Hirschy, Mortgage Investors Group
Marissa French, Cardinal Financial

6 Closed Loans:  Michael Worley, Mortgage Investors Group

THDA Top Selling Agents  
4 Closed Loans   Michelle Hayes Thomas

3 Closed Loans: Bernie Gallerani

THDA Top Listing Agents 

3 Closed Loans Melanie Sims, Andy Mason, Ryan Whiteside
Results for Star Rewards and Top Honors are based on accuracy of data 
submitted , for loans closed 1/1/19 to 02/28/19.
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