September 2019
Single Family Programs Newsletter
Interest Rate Decrease
Rhonda Ronnow, Director of Single Family Loan Operations

THDA is pleased to announce effective Monday, September 16, 2019 , the interest rate on the Great Choice Loan Program applications will decrease to 3.50% . Based on this rate, the Homeownership for the Brave Loan Program will decrease to 3.00%

All loan applications received by THDA on or after Monday, September 16, 2019, must be submitted at the lower rate. All applications received by THDA prior to September 16, 2019, and outstanding commitments at the higher rates of 3.875% for Great Choice and 3.375% for the Homeownership for the Brave will close at those respective rates.




An informal conversation with THDA Single Family Managers where questions are answered and dialogue is encouraged!

Mark your Calendars!!
THDA’s next Monthly Lender Q&A with our Underwriting and Closing Managers is set for Tuesday, September 17, 2019 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Central Time . This will be a Webex, with the log in information listed below. 


Meeting number (access code): 929 277 189
Meeting password: UkKch6ka

Please send questions you would like addressed on the call to .
Rural Renting Housing Issues:
What the Data Tell Us
Joe Speer, THDA Research & Planning

This report seeks to better illuminate housing issues faced by rural Tennessee’s communities, particularly among renter households. Rural and urban Tennessee, when compared as two overall regions, have surprisingly similar data on rental affordability and availability. However, while there is value in comparing rural Tennessee as a whole to its urban counterparts, variation within rural Tennessee far outweighs the variation between rural and urban. There is no singular, monolithic set of housing needs shared by rural Tennessee counties.

To learn more about rural housing issues click here .

Research and Planning Division
Released 2018 Tennessee Home Sales Data

Each year, THDA uses individual home sales data provided by the Office of the Comptroller and produces summary statistics detailing county-level sales price and total sales during the calendar year. Statewide, total home sales finished at their highest level since THDA began receiving these data in 1992. The median home sold in Tennessee during 2018 was at a price of $210,000, which is the highest nominal median sales price in state history and accounts for a ninth consecutive year of an increase in median home sales price. Number and median price of homes sold in each county and MSA in 2018 (and in the last 10 years, by county) can be found on the THDA website, click here .

Learn everything you need to know to write a THDA contract. Sign-up through your area Association for one of the following scheduled four-hour CE classes on the Great Choice Home Loan program.

THDA Great Choice Mortgage Programs
Course # 7571 – 4HR. TREC CE Credit*

Nov. 7, 9:00am - 1pm Lakeway Assoc. of REALTORS®

Nov. 14, 8:30am – 12:30pm at Memphis Area Assn. of REALTORS®

Dec. 12, 12pm – 4pm at Greater Nashville REALTORS®

REGISTRATION: Through Association’s regular CE class registration process.

*This schedule will increase as other Associations book their 2019 CE Classes with THDA.

Questions may be addressed to:
Debbie Reeves at
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Monthly OA Rankings - August 31, 2019
Our total application production for August is $65,209,800
Year-to-Date OA Rankings through August 31, 2019
Our total application production through August is $482,252,520 .
OA Rankings through August 31, 2019
OA Rankings through August 31, 2019
OA Rankings through August 31, 2019
Star Rewards Update

26 Perfect Loan Submissions    

Jesica Krystofiak, First Community Mortgage

11 Perfect Loan Submissions    

Jessica Garbiras , First Community Mortgage

10 Perfect Loan Submissions    

Angie Campbell , Mortgage Investors Group

8 Perfect Loan Submissions    

Mary Lou Johnson, Mortgage Investors Group
Carrie Hoffmeister, Mortgage Investors Group
Dawn Potts , First Community Mortgage Wholesale
Taylor Gobble, First Citizens National
Top Honors Update

THDA Top Loan Originators

47 Closed Loans: Tammy Barr, Everett Financial      
33 Closed Loans:  Michael Worley, Mortgage Investors Group
28 Closed Loans: Marissa French, Cardinal Financial
27 Closed Loans: Carey Ann Cyr, CMG Financial
23 Closed Loans: Stacy Flynn, Mortgage Investors Group

THDA Top Selling Agents  
15 Closed Loans Bernie Gallerani
12 Closed Loans: Rachael Hilfiger
9 Closed Loans: Barbara Wilson, Cindi Richardson
8 Closed Loans: Michelle Hayes Thomas, Joey Conner

THDA Top Listing Agents 

9 Closed Loans Sarah Richards
7 Closed Loans: Joey Conner
6 Closed Loans: Tracy King, Bernie Gallerani, Melanie Sims, Ryan Whiteside,
Pam Redden, Todd Hallom

THDA Top Builders 

26 Closed Loans Ole South
19 Closed Loans: Ryan Homes
11 Closed Loans: LGI Homes
Results for Star Rewards and Top Honors are based on accuracy of data 
submitted , for loans closed 1/1/19 to 08/31/19.
For mortgage related questions, please call the Single Family help desk at 615-815-2100 or email