A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 28, 2019
One of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Monsters, Inc.  My kids were small when it released so I was a skeptic and thought it probably wasn't a movie I wanted them to see. I mean, who wants to say, "Hey kids, let's go see Monsters Inc." and have them freak out thinking in their little minds,  What kind of mother are you?   After watching the movie, I realized I was wrong and it has been a favorite ever since.    In the movie, there is a scene where Mike and Sully are in the locker room with Randall (the not-so-nice monster) and Randall says, "Ssshhhh. Do you hear that? It's the winds of change."  

I've never forgotten that phrase and we use it frequently in our conversations at home. And at work. This week, we experience change once again as we send Nate off into the wild blue yonder. His wild blue yonder is taking him back to school to obtain his Masters in Elementary Education!! We knew this was what Nate originally dreamed of doing and sometimes it just takes time to circle back to our dreams. We are very excited for him, even though we will miss him being a part of our day-to-day world. It's admirable to have the heart to teach young children. Nate will be a great role model for many and because of that, we are really proud of him, too!  

If you have had the opportunity to know Nate and/or work with him, shoot him an email wishing him good luck at  nate@fgsdurham.com . He will appreciate the encouragement as change can be daunting even when exciting.  

And to continue the change, we will be flipping spaces in preparation for fall around here and it's going to be so much fun. Stop by soon for some green and orange! And as Roz, the Monster Supervisor says, "I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching!"  
Staring Friday September 6, the bar will be open every Friday and Saturday. You can soon enjoy a drink while you shop in our beautiful Garden Center. The bar will open at 12PM on Fridays and 11AM on Saturdays. We'll have Mimosas, wine and hard cider. Plus, each week we will have Scott's featured wine that he promises will tantalize your taste buds.
Fern Asparagus Plumosa is Judy's pick of the week. The airy, delicate texture of this fern is part of what Judy loves about this plant. It will live its best life in medium (always indirect) light with soil that stays moist but not wet. This easy-going plant will do well alone, or you can use it as an "accent" plant in a container with other plants. We promise you'll love it if you choose to take it home with you!
The temperatures are starting to cool, but the soil is nice and warm which means it is a perfect time for planting. Get your hands dirty with one of the many beautiful perennials we have to choose from. We have hostas, anemones, and ferns for your shady spots, and allium, echibeckia and Autumn Sedum for you sunny spots. But that is not all! Come peruse all the different perennials we have.
If you saw this pic and started drooling, we get it (thanks to brighterblooms.com for the pic). The 'Snow in Summer' Asiatic Jasmine shrub is truly stunning. The foliage is a mixture of white, pink and green, depending on the season, and the blooms are amazingly fragrant. It will only grow to about 2' tall, making it the perfect shrub to plant around your mailbox (or anywhere you need a smaller sun-loving shrub).
Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Cost: $7 per participant

Kids will learn about our pond ecosystems including life above and below the pond. Cost includes story time, snack, and feeding the ducks and goats. They’ll also make a paper plate magnetic duck pond to take home.

For more information, check out our Kids' Event page . Or register here.
Saturday, September 7, 2019 

Caring for houseplants made simple! Debbi will help you choose houseplants that will work well with your lighting. Get to know the best varieties that remove indoor toxins and are safe for pets and family. Each participant will receive trimmers and a spray bottle to help take care of your houseplants! 

Presenter: Debbi Barrett, For Garden’s Sake
Registration deadline: September 4
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. Do you love houseplants, but struggle with keeping them alive? Find some solidarity in our latest post, "Confessions of a (New) Houseplant-aholic." Speaking of houseplants, did you know houseplants are good for your health ? We were surprised to learn all the ways they are beneficial. You will be, too!
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