Winter 2017                                                Vol. 12

As we head into the holiday season and prepare for an exciting 2018, we would like to thank all our supporters for their continued commitment to the Windsor Cancer Research Group's vision: A united community bridging cutting edge research with world-class cancer care. 
Dereck and Morgyn Lau 
In November, WCRG launched Cancer Researcher for a Day. This program uses research as a tool to empower children/youth and their families through their cancer journey, and encourage them to be research ambassadors.
We were thrilled to pilot the program with Dereck Lau (a brain cancer survivor) and younger sister Morgyn. Dereck and Morgyn toured UWindsor cancer research labs, participated in hands-on cancer research activities and learned about cancer from our dedicated researchers and students. Click here to see pictures from the two days. To read more from the press, go to WCRG's news page.
This program is made possible with the generous support of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation 
and the University of Windsor, Faculty of Science Service Learning Program. Youshaa El-Abed (program intern) and Donika Yakoub (volunteer mentee), both undergraduate students, worked with WCRG to develop and implement the program and were key to the success of the two days.
WCRG continues to partner with snapd Windsor to highlight our WCRG cancer researchers through a feature called "WCRG Researcher Snapdshot". Interviews can be found in the print edition of snapd Windsor and on the WCRG website. The goal of these "Snapdshots" is to raise awareness about the cancer research conducted in Windsor-Essex and stimulate new research collaborations. Be sure to pick up the latest edition of snapd Windsor! See the latest researchers featured  on the WCRG website 
WCRG student volunteers are a key ingredient to our success. Often behind the sce n e s , th i s dedicated group of students never hesitate to support our events and projects. What began in 2014 as a group of four undergraduate students has now grown to over 50.
This fall, our student volunteers came together to form the CURES (Cancer Undergraduate Research and Education Students) Team and hosted the first annual Trick or Treat Cancer  Halloween Open House. Participants had fun with our Spin the Cancer Wheel, Cancer IQ Test, Dress the Researcher, and Guess the Cancer games. They also received glitter tattoos, treats and prizes.  Click here for pictures of the fun day.
A special thank you to Kathleen Gorospe an undergraduate Biology student and member from SMArt (Science Meets Art) for designing our new CURES logo. 
CURES Leads 

WCRG continues to focus on building research collaborations through its Cancer Research Think Tank series that brings pe o p l e together to s hare research ideas in an effort to build projects and increase the number o f cancer research grant submissions. To date, we have hosted 7 Think Tanks with:
  • 233 participants
  • 125 different individuals representing 4 hospitals, 7 universities/colleges and 5 industrial partners
  • 24 presenters

 All Think Tank outcomes and updates can be found on our website. 

WCRG now has two locations:
  • Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, Room 2029
  • University of Windsor,  Essex Hall Room 148 
Stay connected to us all year round, sign up for Twitter and Facebook 
Over the past few months, WCRG members have had many successes. Here is a sample that highlights some of the accomplishments.
Dr. Dora Cavallo-Medved, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) Teaching Award.    
Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal, Medical oncologist, Windsor Regional Hospital was honoured by the India-Canada Association for her contribution to the community.  
Diane Marley, Martha Marks and Katherine Vanderhaeghe John, Erie St Clair Regional Cancer Program, Patient & Family Advisory Committee. Diane received the Erie St Clair Regional Cancer Program Summit Award in the Volunteer category for her work on the My Cancer Journey Resource - a practical guide for patients and their families. Diane spoke at a WCRG Think Tank this year to share with us the importance of research from a survivor's perspective.     
Dr. Lisa Porter, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, WE-Tech Alliance 2017 Tech Researcher of the Year   
Dr. Lisa Porter, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, 2017 Faculty of Science Faculty and Staff Awards, Graduate Mentoring Award.   
Dr. Junaid Yousuf, Radiation Oncologist, Windsor Regional Hospital, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Oncology's Excellence in Academic and Teaching Award

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