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Insider Edition 54 | November 9, 2023

Jon Davis Town Manager

Town Manager

Jon Davis

Hello Windsor!

Early November is a time for gratitude towards the men and women who have served our Country in the various branches of the military past and present. I invite you to the Town Green this Saturday, November 11, at 11AM for a brief ceremony commemorating Veterans Day at the Admiral “Bud” Sparks stage.

While there, if you have not yet had an opportunity to check out the recently dedicated Windsor Memorial Wall, please do. The Wall is located by the Flag Poles and represents the culmination of years of work by many community members and the Town.

Special thanks to Karen Alves and Steve Lehmann for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the project.

In this edition of the Insider:

  • Department Spotlight: Utility Maintenance Division
  • Windsor Military Memorial Wall
  • Windsor Downtown Parking
  • Veterans Day Ceremony
  • New Downtown Youth Banners
  • Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove
  • Free Disaster Preparedness Presentation
  • Halloween Festivities
  • Windsor Ready!
  • Sustainability Resources
  • A Message from Town Partners


The Town of Windsor Public Works Utility Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Town’s sanitary sewer collection system and the application and delivery of urban and agricultural recycled water. The collection and reclamation systems are highly regulated areas of responsibility and fall under State regulatory requirements as defined within the Windsor Water District’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.   

With a crew of seven highly trained and California Water Environment Association (CWEA) certified collection system staff, they hydro-jet, close circuit television (CCTV), and oversee spot repairs of over 94 miles of sanitary sewer mains and the application of 380 million gallons of recycled water in the Town.


“I am really proud of this highly skilled, knowledgeable, and professional crew and how effective they are at maintaining and overseeing the Town’s collection and reclamation systems,” said Mike Cave, Deputy Director of Operations.


Throughout the year, staff clean at least 21 miles of collection mainlines and CCTV approximately 15 to 20 miles of pipeline. In addition, they are responsible for the oversight of recycled water through 547 metered connections that include urban and agricultural services, and during the rainy season perform Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) inspections to monitor rainfall and groundwater levels.

“Each and every member of the crew is an environmental steward dedicated to serving our community,” says Mr. Cave.


On Saturday, November 4, the Town and the Windsor Museum and Historical Society held a formal dedication of the Windsor Military Memorial Wall, on the Windsor Town Green.

This Memorial Wall honors the 86 lives lost in and over the sky of Windsor and Sonoma County during World War II and honors the 11 Windsor boys/men who lost their lives defending our county in all wars. The dedication ceremony, attended by Mayor Reynoza, Councilmember Potter, and Sonoma County Supervisor Gore, was led by the Presentation of Colors by the American Legion, Sotoyome, Post 111. Windsor Historical Society and Museum President, and Windsor Historian Steve Lehmann conducted the dedication of the wall honoring the history of the Airmen.

All are welcome to visit the Memorial Wall when you visit the Town Green.


On November 14, the Town will be implementing new 3-hour and 15-minute free-timed parking restrictions in Downtown. These changes are in response to a parking study conducted in 2020, and subsequent workshops and public meetings. In total 119 parking spaces will be converted to the new timed parking spaces. The specific blocks recommended for the conversion include:

  • McClelland Drive between Market Street and Windsor Road
  • DuVander Lane,
  • Windsor Road between Emily Rose Circle and Windsor River Road

The 3-hour time limit was chosen to allow customers sufficient time to dine and shop while still encouraging parking turnover to help address parking concerns and support economic vitality. While the 15-minute spaces were created to accommodate quick pickups at restaurants and pharmacies. The timed parking will be enforced by our Community Service Officer and the parking restrictions will be in place Monday through Sunday, from 8AM until 6PM.

To assist the community, business employees, and visitors in locating the over 400 parking spaces without time restrictions the town has created a Downtown Parking Guide and will be installing additional wayfinding signage. For more information regarding parking in downtown Windsor, you can also visit our webpage.


On Saturday, November 11, at 11AM on the Windsor Town Green, the Healdsburg American Legion, Sotoyome Post 111 will hold a ceremony to honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

Join us at the Admiral "Bud" Sparks stage.


Downtown Windsor just got a whole lot more colorful with our brand-new youth banners! These vibrant banners were created by Windsor students, and designed around six themes: Learning, Parks, Nature, Community, Caring, and Well-Being.

This year’s designs were created by:

  • Aricelli Moreno (Learning),
  • Christina Cartagena Pineda (Parks),
  • Kenneth Eang Phong and Temperence Thompson Tlahuitzo (Nature),
  • Christina Cartagena Pineda (Community),
  • Dahlia Aguilar and Jude Hammond (Caring),
  • Katie Monson (Well-Being)

Windsor is proud to support and celebrate the incredible talents of our local youth. For more information, please visit


People for Parks is looking for volunteers to help set up and take down the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove. For more information and to sign up to be a volunteer use the QR code in the image!

Volunteer Days:

November 25: barrel set up day, 9-12pm

November 29: tree delivery, 9-10am

December 2: tree installation day, 9-12pm

January 6: tree and barrel take down, 9-12pm

For additional information or to contact People 4 Parks email [email protected] or visit People 4 Parks Windsor.



On Saturday, December 2, in partnership with the Town, Nuestra Comunidad (NC) will be holding an interactive Disaster Preparedness presentation to the Windsor community in both English and Spanish. The presentation is FREE to all registered participants with each participant receiving a FREE Emergency Go Bag!



Town of Windsor - Huerta Gym

9291 Old Redwood Highway, Building 200



English from 11AM – Noon

Spanish from 1PM – 2PM


To register for one of the sessions click on the corresponding link below:





On October 31, Town staff brought the Halloween festivities to the Town offices by dressing up in playful and creative costumes. 

The winner of the “Hot Dog Award” for the best costume was Inspector Gadget

- Tim Ricard, Economic Development Manager. 

Tied for 2nd place Pinata - Olivia Lemen, Parks and Recreation Director, and

White Rabbit - Khris McCaffrey, Human Resources Systems/Programs Analyst. 

We hope your Halloween was as fun as ours. 



As the weather gets colder, here are some helpful tips to keep you safe and your house warm.  

To help keep you and your family safe use the following tips when heating your home:

  • Change your furnace filter depending on use every 3, 6, or 12 months to improve performance.  
  • Have your chimney or flue inspected each year.
  • Install a smoke detector and a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector.
  1. Test them monthly and replace batteries twice a year.
  2. Keep a multipurpose, dry-chemical fire extinguisher nearby.
  3. All fuel-burning equipment should be vented to the outside.

Prepare your home with the following weatherproofing tips:

  • Insulate any water lines that run along exterior walls so your water supply will be less likely to freeze.
  • Seal air leaks around your home – doorways, windows, or cracks by using caulking, weatherstripping, or insulation to seal up leaks.
  • Repair roof leaks and cut away tree branches that could fall on your home or other structures during a storm.
  • Clean and inspect gutters to prevent debris clogs.

Lastly, be Windsor Ready! For more information on being prepared for extreme cold visit


On Tuesday, November 28, by appointment only, Zero Waste Sonoma will be hosting a household hazardous waste event in Windsor from 3PM – 8PM. This event is FREE by appointment. To participate you will need to register at Zero Waste Sonoma/Windsor. 


For questions email [email protected] or call (707) 795-2025 option 3.  For more information visit

With Thanksgiving around the corner, what is your Thanksgiving Strategy?

Plan to reduce food waste with these helpful hints!


Save money and prevent waste by planning your meal for the correct number of guests.

  • The Guestimator tool can help you estimate the correct amount of food.

Store leftovers for your next meal.

  • Have containers on hand to store leftovers or for guests to pack their own takeaway! (Pro-tip: Wash and reuse yogurt containers.)

Eat your leftovers promptly.

  • Consider changing it up by incorporating them in a new recipe!

Don’t forget the green bin for compostable items.

  • Make sure food scraps that cannot be saved make it into your green bin or home compost rather than the garbage can.

Other ways to reduce waste:

  • Use natural materials for table decorations (Leaves, twigs, paper decorations) that can be composted.
  • Avoid disposable and single-use plates, cutlery, and cups in your place settings.
  • If you need to use disposable plates, choose ones that can be composted, avoiding shiny or coated material.


We're Hiring

The Town of Windsor is looking for talented people. For information on open positions, click here for the full list. If you have questions about working for the Town, please reach out to our Human Resources team at [email protected]

Join our team! Go here to apply.



Public Meetings & Workshop

Here are some public meetings and workshops we would love for you to participate in. For more information on the agenda, click on the hyperlink to the corresponding meeting of interest. You can always find more meeting information on the calendar on the Town website homepage. 


Council Meetings

The Town Council meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6PM.

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30PM.

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6PM.

  • TBD

Public Art Advisory Commission

The Public Art Advisory Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:30PM.

Senior Citizen Advisory Commission

The Senior Citizen Advisory Commission meets quarterly, on the third Tuesday at 2PM. (January, April, July, October)

  • TBD

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