Windstorm Ratings
Hurricane Rated Hardware
On average, 12 hurricanes occur each year in the Atlantic basin. While the storm surge is usually the most deadly, windborne projectiles are the most costly.
  • Main purpose is to prevent debris and wind from penetrating the door while maintaining structural and functional integrity
  • Designed to withstand High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) conditions for long periods of time
  • Primary guidelines and standards are set by Florida Building Code (FBC). Many coastal states follow Florida's building code for their hurricane door requirements. 
  • Third party laboratory testing includes static pressure testing, debris impacts and cyclical pressure testing
  • All door components, including the door, frame, hinges and exit device must be visibly labeled with a windstorm rating issued by Florida Building Code.
  • Florida Building Code recognizes component listings, allowing products of equal rating to be considered for substitution

Tornado Rated Hardware
Tornadoes have been documented on every continent on Earth, except for Antarctica. The United States has the most documented tornadoes, averaging 1000 per year.
  • Main purpose is to protect occupants from extreme pressure differentials and accompanying dangerous projectile debris
  • Designed to withstand short periods of high-velocity winds up to 250 miles per hour
  • Primary guidelines and standards are set by FEMA 361 and ICC 500
  • Steel doors are the only doors actually approved for FEMA 361 certification
  • Products receive static pressure and 100 miles per hour impact testing by a third party laboratory
  • FEMA rated hardware is tested as an assembly and must be supplied and installed as an assembly
Did You Know?

Detex has Hurricane and FEMA (and fire) listings on the website where you can access records from product testing. Other information included here are maximum door size, door gauge and design pressure.
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