Thanksgiving is a Special Family Time
Wine Glass and Beer Steins
German Wine Glasses - for 
Thanksgiving and Christmas

Ruwer 0.20 LTR.Mark. ARC FRANCE.Rummers, or Roemers, or Roms, were large drinking-glasses studded with prunts to ensure a safe grip, popular in the Rhineland and the Netherlands from the 15th through the 17th century. 

They lacked the flared bowl of the Berkemeyer and had much thinner walls.

The hollow base was built up by coiling strands of molten glass around a conical core.

Large Selection of German Beer Steins

Our beautiful selection of authentic German steins are made by a renowned family firm in Germany called KING WORKS. 

Of top quality, King Works is situated in the Westerwald (Western Forest) of Germany, near the Rhine and Koblenz (the ancient Roman town of Confluent) as well as the famous Limes (the fortified Roman border).

King steins are backed by generations of experience in the finest craftsmanship and the designs are based primarily on the designs of the antique originals.
Classic Hunt Country Interiors
In our business, everything has been an extension of what came before. 
0.2 of Liter bowl.

As an example, when the shop first opened several years ago it was because of our love of Christmas and Christmas decorating. 

6 Glasses 
German Wine 0.25

It was a natural fit to bring over the German Christmas treasures of our old country. 

These Beer and Wine glasses are some of the finest craftsmanship 
in our store.   We wanted to make sure you saw this items before Thanksgiving as they make any dinner table look formal and festive!

We wanted to share the wonderful German handmade treasures with the world.
0.1 of Liter bowl
0.25 of Liter glass
Beer Steins from Germany
Just a very small example of the Beer Steins we carry, 
Click on one of the steins to see our collection

They are all hand painted and just lovely to look at, of course, but also great fun to use! 

The King collection is comprised of authentic old German, Bavarian, Austrian and Tyrolian steins, tankards and mugs and offer you a choice of the most original and skillfully made products available in the world today. 

The trademark KING guarantees the most authentic quality.
Germany Beer Bottles Caps
Be the first to have this terrific German beer bottle

For all those beer fans who believe the only way to
drink beer is from a bottle, this is the perfect and
most unusual gift.

Buy one, buy several, your Beer lover will want to
share the wealth!  Made in Germany, of course.
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