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Cayuse 'Impusivo' Tempranillo 

Is Cayuse the best winery in Washington? Many will enthusiastically answer, “you bet your ass it is!” The problem is Cayuse wines are rarely seen as most are sold directly from the winery to their membership list. Yet occasionally a bottling magically appears in wine shops. That occasion has found us. 

Cayuse was started by a French dude named Christophe Baron. Baron comes from a winemaking family and studied viticulture in Champagne and Burgundy. After a 1993 internship in Walla Walla, and a bit more traveling, he decided to start his own winery. In 1996, he came across a stone strewn field in Walla Walla Valley and fell in love with the place. He started with a 10 acre plot and produced world class Syrah. From there he bought more small vineyards. Today he has a whopping 47 acres of vines (very small in the wine world). His Impulsivo Tempranillo comes from only three acres of his ten acre En Chamberlin Vineyard. It has been offered since 2002, the same year the winery became the first winery in Walla Walla to fully implement Biodynamic farming practices. As are all Cayuse’s vineyards, The En Chamberlin is a rockpile of a vineyard. The land offers a mineral bath of flavors as a beautiful juxtaposition to the rich, nuanced fruit. Impulsivo is, without doubt, the greatest Tempranillo grown in America.

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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results: Goofy’s a dog. With a decisive 55% of responses, we’ve defined it to be so with our highly accurate, drunkenly scientific poll. There it is. Yet the story goes, Disney based the cartoon character off a breed of Scottish cow. That matters not, he’s a dog. The poll has spoken.

  1. Dog 55%
  2. Cow 20%
  3. Game Show Host 15%
  4. Mountain Lion 10%

This Week’s Poll:

Who Has The Greatest Scream in Rock ‘n Roll?
Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin “The Immigrant Song”
Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith “Dream On”
Joe Cocker “With a Little Help From my Friends”
Roger Daltry, The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
Janis Joplin “Cry Baby”
Paul Westerberg, The Replacements “Bastards of Young”
The Beatles “Revolution”

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