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Fonterutoli Chianti Classico 2017

A fun note of lore regarding Chianti Classico: 

The Fonterutoli Winery sits on the border that separates the vineyards of Florence to the north and the vineyards of Siena in the south. In the early part of the 11th century Florence and Siena were at war for this territory. Weary of the war, an accord was reached. Upon the first crow of a rooster on a certain date, a knight would ride from each village toward the other. Where the two met would be the border of lands belonging to each city. Siena relied on their best rooster. It was a happy bird that crowed once the sun came up. Good birdie. Florence used a black rooster which they didn’t feed. The grumpy cock crowed well before the sun rose, giving their knight a huge starting advantage. The knights met on the hillside where Fonterutoli sits today. The boundary is far from Florence and very close to Siena. So close you can see Siena from the winery. Florence therefore controlled far more land than Siena and raked in the riches from their fortunate starting time. All the land between Florence and Siena is the original Chianti zone called Chianti Classico. If you want to know if a wine is from Chianti Classico, just look at the label-there’s a silhouette of a Black Rooster on each and every one. Very good birdie!


The historic Fonterutoli estate produces some of Italy's greatest Chianti. Usually the wines are so strict they need years of aging for full enjoyment. The 2017 is good to go right now; it is ready. Normally the wine sells for $26-$29 a bottle. Yet we found some questionable pictures that caused great concern for our wine salesperson and were able to get this bottle to you for only $17.99. (Don’t worry, the goat in the pics underwent therapy and is doing much better.)  -Greg

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  • We’re tasting our Wine of the Week this Friday: Fonterutoli Chianti Classico. Taste what everyone’s crowing about.
  • Deep Eddy Lime Seltzer


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