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Bertrand Galbrun Bourgueil

Know what I say when people ask me for a bottle of Bertrand Galbrun’s Bourgueil? Tuff S#!T! Tuff is the name of the clay/limestone soils in which the Cabernet Franc grapes are grown. It’s a soil that offers deep, bold, dusty Cab Franc. All Bert’s grapes are Biodynamic and hand-harvested. No machinery here to compact the soil. The fruit is then destemmed and crushed by foot; Lucy would be so proud. Bertie’s a young guy who’s as natural a winemaker as there is with no added yeast, SO2, or enzymes. Yet his wine confidently conveys place, and the place of Bourgueil is one of the greatest for Cabernet Franc; maybe the best for Cab Franc. Regardless, Berty’s Cab Franc is one of the best you will try all year. -Greg


Bourbon of the Moment

Clear Creek ‘McCarthy’s’ Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

Sometimes things surprise. McCarthey’s definitely popped up and surprised the heck out of us. Man this was good. Very much in the Scottish fashion, the 3 year old whiskey is distilled from 100% peat malted in a Holstein pot still. Holstein offers thicker copper which provides superior heat conductivity for a smoother, more even cook. The whiskey is aged in brand new, toasted, Oregon Oak barrels. No charred barrels here. The result is a balanced bomb of savory and smoke, fruit and peat. Really intriguing stuff for which we instantly fell.

Things We're Tasting Friday


We’re tasting our Wine of the Week today: Bertrand Galbrun Bourgueil. Come on in and share a glass of this marvelous Cab Franc.

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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results:

Yep, Candy Corn sucks! And who wants fruit for Halloween? Raisins - what a terrible treat. Surprisingly people, like Frank Sinatra and Jackie Onassis, have no problems with Tootsie Rolls. 

  • Candy Corn 50%
  • Raisins 37.5%
  • Those Hard Candies Grandma Always Has 12.5%
  • Tootsie Rolls 0%

This Week’s Poll:

Is It Too Early for Christmas Music?
Yes - December is exhausting enough.
No - Mariah’s gotta eat!

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