Wines of the Week!

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Perhaps the Best Champagne You Can Find Anywhere!

A worthy top 10 Champagne List 

1. Krug 2006

The King. ‘Nuf said.

2. Marc Hebrart ‘Special Club’ 2016

Soul-satisfying, ethereal, thought provoking. If you look closely at the Sistine Chapel ceiling, it is not Adam’s finger reaching to touch God, he’s actually handing over a bottle of Hebrart ‘Special Club’.

3. Pierre Péters ‘Cuvée de Réserve’ Grand Cru

Crap this is great! It captivates with both power and delicacy. It’s Betty White swinging Thor’s hammer in a bottle.

4. Pol Roger ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ 2012

Only made in superlative vintages, Churchill summed it up well: “My tastes are simple, I am easily satisfied with the best.”

5. Phillip Glavier ‘La Grâce d’Alphaël’ Brut Nature

A refined burst of minerally sunshine. Exquisite in its attack and elegantly wistful in its finish. And Chuck Norris shed a tear. 

6. H.Billiot Rosé

A beautifully nervy rosé that also offers satisfying lushness. It exudes class in a punk rock world. It’s Princess Di taking the stage at CBGB. 

7. Liquid Farm Blanc de Blancs Brut

Only 3 cases of this Champers came to Texas. Boldly balanced with a creamy propriety that elicits a smile with each sip.

8. Chartogne-Taillet ‘Sainte Anne’ Brut

There’s beauty here. Tons of it. It’s everything Champagne promises with heart pounding sophistication coupled with honest, bucolic fruit.

9. Aubry Brut

Year after year Aubry over-delivers. Yet we take its greatness for granted. Shame on us. It is delicious every time you pop the cork. It's hot water when taking a shower; you don’t think about it but it’s oh so satisfying. 

10. JM Sélèque ‘Quintette’

Richly seductive and pure of heart with quiet truth and easily recognized virtue. It’s a piercing blue sky the morning after a devastating blizzard.

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Things We're Tasting Friday


  • Deep Eddy Ruby Red & Lemon


  • Aubry Champagne
  • Chartogne-Taillet Champagne
  • Togouchi 15yr Japanese Whiskey
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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results: First off, “Twister” should have been included in this poll. Big apologies for such an obvious omission. Of course “Roadhouse is the best bad movie. It’s Swayze after all. Anyone who can deliver the line, “Pain don’t hurt” as wincingly perfect as him deserves the top distinction. Yet for those who haven’t, watch “The Room” and then come back to this poll. Terribly terrific movie. 

Roadhouse 26.1%

The Room 15.3%

Rocky Horror Picture Show 13.4%

Children of the Corn 13.2%

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 12.7%

Nacho Libre 11.6%

Titanic 8.7%

This Week’s Poll:

Who has the best Hollywood Hair?
Jason Mamoa
Farrah Fawcett
Brad Pitt
Patrick Stewart
Sandra Oh
Jennifer Aniston
Chris Hemsworth
Carrie Fischer (as Princess Leia)

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