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Catena Zapata Malbec Argentino

There’s a monkey drinking a glass of wine next to skeletons and skulls. Naughty monkey! The label is an overtly ornate presentation of “Ten Centuries of Life, Death and Rebirth” of the winery’s storied history. It’s one of the great wine labels you will find and it’s perfect for Halloween. The wine is as serious an Argentinian Malbec as you will find. The grapes are harvested from Catena Zapata’s historic Adrianna and Nicasia vineyards, named after his younger daughter and grandmother. The vineyards sit at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the Andean foothills. It’s a big, rich, bold Malbec offering, full of lavish fruit and alluringly complex spice notes. All that and more is the reason this is Chim Chim’s favorite Malbec.


catena zapata malbec argentino.jpg

Bad Monkey Potions

Bad Monkey Cocktail

½ oz Goulish Peach Schnapps

½ oz Eerie Banana Liqueur

1 oz Spooky Orange Juice

Pour Peach Schnapps, Banana Liqueur, Orange Juice into a shaker, add ice, shake, pour, enjoy.

Drunken Monkey’s Lunch Cocktail

1 oz Bloodcurdling Kahlua 

1 oz Creepy Vodka

3 oz Otherworldly Milk

1 oz Evil Banana Liqueur

Pour Kahlua, Vodka and Banana Liqueur over ice in old-Fashioned glass. Fill with milk, drink.

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Coolest Shot Glasses for Halloween

Lab Shots

Dr. Frankenstein’s favorite glassware is these perfectly hair-raising, chemistry, shot glass beakers. What a way to celebrate the season. Yet beyond Halloween, they are just nerdy and fun enough for the rest of the year. We dug ‘em; hope you do too.

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Things We're Tasting Friday


Epic Western Ranch Water

Trick-or-Treating Beverage of the Year. First off it comes in a can; highly portable and great for walking. Secondly, it’s higher in alcohol than other Ranch Waters so it's a wonderful demeanor adjuster for dealing with all your little witches and superheroes. And lastly, it is tasty. Just the right drink for All Hallows Eve. Come try for yourself this Friday.

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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results:

People overwhelmingly love Hot Dogs in their Mac & Cheese. Sure there are those ardent, palateless zealots who scream sacrilege whenever the subject is broached. They’re obviously wrong; they’ll learn. And there is no truth to the rumor the poll was stacked with Canadian voters. (Canadians eat 55% more boxed Macaroni & Cheese than Americans. And yes, they too like it best with steamies.) 

  • Yes - Just like mom used to make. 72.8%
  • No - Vile Additions 27.2%

This Week’s Poll:

Worst Halloween Candy
Candy Corn
Tootsie Rolls
Those hard candies grandma always has

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