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St Romedius

White Table Wine

What to do when a bear jumps out & kills the horse you're riding? Why saddle up that bear and ride it into town of course! That's what St. Romedius did. He was Chuck Norris before Chuck Norris. How can you not name your wine after such a superhero? Robert Pintacsi did just that. Robert's an up-and-coming winemaking superhero himself. He has a way of coaxing all of California's sunshine out of his grapes and into your glass! His white shows off his deft hand at producing elegant, balanced juice. All his grapes are organic and certified sustainable. Just like the beast Romedius rode bear-back to town.


Things We're Tasting Today


L&C Pouitout Bourgogne Rouge

Come share a glass of wonderful Pinot Noir with us. The greatest bottle of Pinot I have ever tasted from Chablis. (It’s the only bottle I’ve tasted.)

Celis with Christine Celis

Christine is soooooo cool! Get to know her while sipping her selections.

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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results:

Chewy takes it! He’s so cute and cuddly. Obviously everyone’s favorite space Bigfoot. Poor Greedo. You know, Han shot first. And again here, Greedo just can’t win. Understandable no one likes those weird little Ewok rodents. A special shout out to those who recognize the leadership, humor and unbridled sexuality of Admiral Akbar. He was the true saviour of the galaxy with his perfectly designed attack plan. 

  • Chewy 36.8%
  • R2-D2 26.3%
  • Han 15.8%
  • Leia 10.5%
  • Admiral Ackbar 10.5%
  • Everyone Else 0%v

This Week’s Poll:

What's the Greatest Game Show?
Press Your Luck (Big Bucks, No Whammies!)
Match Game
Deal or No Deal
Cash Cab
Wheel of Fortune
You Bet Your Life
Family Feud

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