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Olivier Gessler Côtes de Gascogne

This wine is a glitterbomb of glory; a fantasmagoric ebullience of affordability. It’s just so sneaky good for little money. Located in the southwest, Gascony is France’s fourth largest wine region. A large area known primarily for its white wines, it is an underrated region. Yet those white wines offer better bang for your buck than their Bordeaux neighbor. Gessler’s Côtes de Gascogne is proof of that averment. This sucker is stupid good. It bursts with satisfying, refreshing goodness. Bright, juicy and jubilant, the drink satisfyingly overperforms.



Bourbon of the Moment

Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Yeah we bought a barrel; we do it all the time. This time it’s Woodford. 


Things We're Tasting Today


Olivier Gessler Côtes de Gascogne

Come taste this joyously racy white wine.

Misunderstood Ginger Spiced Whiskey

The owner will be in-store sharing tastes of his whiskey.

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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results:

With half the vote, Jeopardy is the Greatest Game Show ever! So sad Alex Trebeck has left us. What he built continues. What also continues is someone out there still remembers and appreciates Groucho. Still don’t know how that elephant got in his pajamas.

  • Jeopardy 50%
  • Match Game 18.4%
  • Cash Cab 18.4%
  • Press Your Luck (Big Bucks, No Whammies!) 11.9%
  • You Bet Your Life 1.3%
  • Deal or No Deal 0.0%
  • The Price is Right 0.0%
  • Wheel of Fortune 0.0%
  • Family Feud 0.0%

This Week’s Poll:

Macaroni & Cheese with Hot Dogs?
No - This is a vile abomination
Yes - Just like Mom used to make

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