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2016 Corino Barolo 

It’s winter, I guess. At least it’s supposed to be. Cold weather demands heartier fare to soothe our chilly bones. As far as I’m concerned, Nebbiolo is that salve. It’s an Alpine grape that welcomes the cold. Barolo is the King of Wines made entirely of Nebbiolo. They are wines of structure, depth, earth, muscle and finesse. With each sip it is easy to see how Corino easily captures the essence of the Barolo region. Even by Piedmont standards, Corino is a small winery (only 4,000 cases produced). And as is usual in Piedmont, it is a family run winery. Giuliano Corino is the winemaker for the estate started by his granddad. He runs the place with his wife Stefania. His Barolo is powerfully succulent and deeply expressive. So for those chilly nights when you notice dogs stuck to fire hydrants, Corino Barolo is there to warm your soul. -Greg

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Wine Pairing of the Year

Nomination #1

It didn’t take long for Jacques to kick the year off right with our first Wine Pairing of the Year! entry:

Customer requested a peppery wine to go with Cabrito (goat).

Jacques’ answer: Bertrand Galbrun ‘Charrois’ Bourgeuil

Bourgeuil is an appellation in France’s Loire Valley, and its red wines are made from Cabernet Franc. Galbrun’s is a wonderfully savory offering of pepper, black cherries and currants. The wine has the acidity to cut though the oily meat while carrying the flavors of both. A marvelous pairing suggestion.

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Newly Arrived Gin

Engine Gin

Yep, it’s an oil can of gin. Even better, it’s an oil can of really tasty London dry gin from Italy. We dug the stand-out packaging, yet even more importantly it had tremendous flavor. Engine Gin is distilled in a traditional copper John Dore pot still, in small lots, at Italy’s Torino Distillati in Langhe, Piedmont. This is the heart of Italy’s automobile industry. The distillery is famous for its Malfy Gins. Distillation takes place under a vacuum at very low temperatures (cold distillation), thanks to the use of a latest generation rotary evaporator. Engine Gin incorporates 100% organic Italian botanicals to correctly lubricate your cocktail thirst. 

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Questions of our Time

Last Week’s Results for Who Has the Best Hollywood Hair?

Of course it’s Farrah; Texans know hair. Surprisingly Princess Leia didn’t garner one vote. Oh well, at least we have Jason and Brad.

  1. Farrah Fawcett 28.4%
  2. Jason Mamoa 18.3%
  3. Brad Pitt (“Legends of the Fall”) 17.7%
  4. Patrick Stewart 14.1%
  5. Chris Hemsworth 12.4%
  6. Beyoncé 9.1%
  7. Sandra Oh 0%
  8. Jennifer Aniston 0%
  9. Carrie Fischer (Princess Leia) 0%

This Week’s Poll:

The question has been asked many times, especially in the movie “Stand By Me”. It’s about time we answered it once and for all. We know Disney will thank us.

What Exactly is Goofy?
Mountain Lion
Game Show Host

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