We are the ones behind the masks, still here,
as we always have been.
Friends of Hospice of Southern Illinois,

We are your local, community based hospice and trusted end-of-life care experts in Southern Illinois and the Metro East. First, we wanted to let you know we are STILL HERE providing end-of-life care to families in their private homes and home-like settings, including long term care and assisted living facilities. Our team, comprised of healthcare heroes, is working tirelessly to continue providing the compassionate care they always have. We understand the pandemic has added a level of stress, isolation and challenges to our current climate, but we are truly in this together. Here are some steps we are taking to support you now, like we always have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Upcoming Events

CE You Online
1-Hour Webinar • August 5
Continuing Education on End-of-Life Medications

Golf Tournament • August 14
Franklin County Country Club
West Frankfort, Illinois

Golf Tournament • August 17 Sunset Hills Country Club Edwardsville, Illinois

CE You Online
1-Hour Webinar • September 17
Continuing Education on Antibiotic Stewardship in
End-of-Life Care

Folding of the Flag

Adrienne Villotti, founding volunteer, former board member, and Army Veteran joins us for our first ever Folding of the Flag, Facebook Live. A flag, dedicated by Hoffen Funeral Home, was presented to Adrienne for her service to this country and support of Hospice of Southern Illinois' mission.

Photographed L to R:
Amy Richter - President and CEO, Valerie Young - Veteran Volunteer, Adrienne Villotti - Volunteer, Karen Ridge, and Edward Martinez - VFW 805 O'Fallon, Illinois, Members

COVID-19 Update

We would like to thank our Hospice of Southern Illinois’ team, other front-line heroes and first-responders who are working during this time. As we all start to get back into the community, we extend our sincere note of assistance. If there is anything we can do regarding end-of-life care, grief support or community engagement, please reach out and let us know how we can collaborate and grow together.
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