October 2019
Sound of Silents with Clark Wilson
Clark Wilson will accompany Wings, the first Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards in 1929.
Sound for Silents came only from the orchestra, unit orchestra, or pianist in each theatre. More than 10,000 unit orchestras were built to give the movies their voices.
In 1927, Wings had a then-astronomical price tag and was a huge success, playing in first-run theatres for two years. The film was directed by William "Wild Bill" Wellman, a newcomer to Paramount. Wellman was uniquely qualified to direct the blockbuster film due to his World War I aviation service where he earned his nickname. Click here to watch the trailer . While the film has ground breaking flying sequences, there is the story of two pilots with the same hometown in love with the same girl. At first, the two pilots were adversaries but built a friendship as comrades through training and fighting in the war. Experience the tragedy of war conquered by compassion and love.

Wings , the Star Wars of its day, was digitally restored by the team of Paramount Pictures, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Archive, and Technicolor and premiered January 18, 2012. Clark Wilson played a live musical accompaniment at the premiere rather than the newly created score on the digital copy. Enjoy the digitally restored blockbuster accompanied by Clark Wilson on the Wichita Wurlitzer.
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