Winnebago County Community Health Improvement Plan
The community health improvement plan, or CHIP, is a five year community level plan identifying priority areas for improving the community’s health. While the health department guided the development of the document, the plan is the result of a collaborative process in which community partners and residents voiced their concerns about, and prioritized issues that impact their community’s health.

The priorities the community identified are:

  • Social and Place Connectedness- Residents are connected and engaged in the places and spaces that matter to them
  • Access to Opportunities that Improve Health- Improve and expand access to and availability of existing services or opportunities
  • Healthy Food and Beverages- Increase access to and consumption of fruits, vegetables and healthy beverages while decreasing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in children and adults
  • Mental Health- Improve mental health among residents and mental health systems of care
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs- Reduce misuse of and addiction to drugs and alcohol

The plan is intended for use by the community to help focus their efforts to establish programs, policies, and initiatives related to the listed priorities impacting health.

We encourage our community to reach out, and partner with the Winnebago County Health Department in work related to the CHIP priorities.

For questions about the report, or interest in partnering contact Julia Salomon at the Health Department.  
P: 920-232-3000
The CHIP process included the following components:
Information from community health assessments (surveys, key informant interviews, community conversations)

Broad participation of and input from a variety of community partners

Issues and themes identified by stakeholders in the community

Identification of existing community assets and resources

Prioritization of identified health needs