WINNER of the 2nd Get Phat Online Challenge is.... RYAN HOSLER!

Congrats to Ryan who started at 305 pounds and finished 8 weeks later at 281 pounds after completing the Get Phat Online challenge #2.  He lost 24 pounds by working out 3 days a week and following the meal plan that consisted of lots of variety and little challenges. He is the winner of $2000 cash! Just in time for the holidays!

"I will be 40 in mid December and I needed to make a change. I have been for the better part of the last 10 years unable to do any thing with any significant results. I'm really pleased to see what eating right and working out can do in such a short amount of time.  I have been fighting a back injury and the more weight I lose the better this injury is feeling.  This is truly the first enjoyable method of losing weight and getting healthier i have found and its sustainable without costly extras. Just food and exercise. I know it sounds simple but until you taught me how to eat i could not get results! I did not suffer and I did learn something about myself along the way. Thank you for the confidence back and I will definitely be doing the online challenge #3 in January 2016.  Sign me up and THANK you Jen and to your team for answering my emails, text messages, and calls when I needed to know something.  I am a winner no matter how I finish". - Ryan

Well good news for Ryan is that he is the Winner and on his way to a new person at 40.  Come join Ryan in January with the Get Phat Online Challenge #3!    
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