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Winners of 2015 Momentum for Change Awards Announced Today! 
Today we announced 16 game-changing initiatives as winners of the Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity Award! These inspiring initiatives demonstrate that action on climate change is already underway, all across the world.

Each year the Momentum for Change Award recognizes innovative and transformative solutions that address both climate change and wider economic, social and environmental challenges. And this year was no exception!

Winning activities include Fairphone, a seriously cool smartphone that puts social values first, and the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, which is enabling Latin American cities to take concrete climate action.

Others include a women-led initiative in Benin that uses solar energy to empower women farmers and an internal carbon fee voluntarily introduced by one of the world's most famous software and ICT companies.

A full list of the winning Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities is featured on the UNFCCC's Newsroom - take a look:

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