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Winners of the ProSculpt Annual Sculpting Contest...
The winners of the ProSculpt Annual Sculpting Contest have been chosen by the collectors and artists from around the world.   Winners this year are from England, Italy, Japan, South America, and the United States.  
The ProSculpt Annual Sculpting Contest is in its 17th year.   Many of the finest polymer sculptors in the world are among this years winners.  "Thank you so much for voting"...




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"Kate Moss" by Renata Jansen, 1st Place Professional
"Babbo, I'm a Boy" by Elisa Fenoglio, 2nd Place Professional
"Vincent & the Little Monster" by Michiyo Tezuka,  3rd Professional
rip van Morning Dew FairyMermaids
"Rip Van Winkle" by Karen Baker... 1st Place Advanced
"Morning Dew Fairy by Carla Goncalves, 2nd Place Advanced
"Mermaids" by Fabrizio Corbo, 3rd Place Advanced
Skull Roses Riccardo Michael
"Skull Roses" by Alessandra Nicolin, 1st Place Beginning
"Grandmother" by Riccardo, 2nd Place Beginning
"American Gentleman Collection" by Michael Natoli, 3rd place
Kellie Sherry Miller lala
"Max" by Kellie Beckett, 1st Place Baby Category
"Shannan McDougal" by Sherry Miller, 2nd Place Baby
"LaLa" by Lauren Jaimes, 3rd Place Baby
Father Yule  "Father Yule" by Lori Platt, Santa Category

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Happy New Year... Teaching others to do what I have spent a lifetime learning is my passion, seeing artists achieve their own greatness fulfills my goals and ambitions. 

By offering the ProSculpt Annual Sculpting Contest we are doing our part to introduce artists to collectors from around the world.  Please, enjoy viewing images of the Annual ProSculpt Sculpting Contest by clicking on  and then scrolling to the "Gallery" section.  We at Johnston Original Artdolls wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to serving you for years to come.
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