April 2018
Winners of the CHI Essay Contest Revealed!
On Thursday, April 5, CHI hosted a special ceremony to celebrate the participants and present the winners of the first-ever CHI essay contest. The three winners were Stephen Krauss, Jr., Kimathi Washington,and Jamia Fowler. The reception and awards were underwritten by the Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation.

On February 21, Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc. and Associated Mortgage Bankers sponsored "Movie Day," in which 250 homeless children and their parents were treated to see either Peter Rabbit or Black Panther at the Sayville Movie Theater. Following the movie, CHI held an essay contest for all children to enter to share their impressions and reviews of the movie and how it affected them.

Left to right: Kimathi Washington, Alexander H. Roberts, CHI,
Ruth Pfeffer, Charles Rutenberg Realty, Stephen Krauss, Jr., Jamia Fowler
Excerpts from the winning essays include:

“I relate to this movie because Peter was trying to keep his home and I am trying to get a home because I am in a shelter. My mom and dad tell me that as long as our family is together it does not matter where we live because we have each other.” - Stephen, 9

“This movie expresses the idea that one should not have to go through a harsh life and struggle since birth in order to reach the top of the social class, but the treatment that the upper class receives should be distributed throughout all social classes and society to not just impact the nation, but impact the world as a whole, which as a child living in a shelter, I agree with and support this idea fully.” - Kimathi, 16

"In the movie Black Panther, I learned how it is important to take pride in who you are, to take care of your loved ones and what you have. I also learned from watching this movie, if you continue to be good and do good, good will come to you. It doesn't pay to do bad things because it will never get you anywhere. Like Black Panther, I too am a hero. I may face bad times but I am strong. People might not always be nice but I'll always treat them better and never steal or cheat." - Jamia, 9
We are always looking for new partnerships and businesses to sponsor similar activities for the over 500 children we serve in emergency housing each night.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event for our clients, please contact Maggie at 631-475-6390 x2245 or email mlachcik@communityhousing.org
CHI's Resource Center Sees 30% Increase in Clients
in the First Quarter of 2018
CHI's Resource Center, a day center that provides case management assistance with a focus on permanent housing placement and employment and vocational assistance to homeless single adults, has seen an average total increase of 32 clients per month in 2018 versus the first quarter of 2017.

Since December 2017, The Resource Center has been assessing clients' housing needs based upon available resources. Although room and board type rentals historically have been popular, they are not appropriate for some of the current clients, as some have identified substance use, mental health or medical issues which require additional support. More recently, Single Point of Access (SPA), Access to Care housing for the HIV/AIDS populations, the Nursing Home Diversion Program, and Coordinated Entry are being utilized to provide the appropriate support and close the “back door” to homelessness
CHI's Resource Center engages clients and provides them with life skills and resources that will help them address the issues that may hold them back. CHI has brought in a series of workshops and groups such as the Fatherhood Initiative for parenting, Breaking Barriers for legal education, Long Island Cares for nutrition, budgeting, job readiness and resume building, LICAAD for substance abuse, HRH Care for medical needs and the Department of Health for smoking cessation and diabetes prevention. Yoga is also offered once a week for the female population and Long Island Cares has begun an art program.

Clients participating in yoga at CHI"s Resource Center
As a result of the increased clientele, CHI will add a full-time case manager to the Center. Interns have steadily provided support but the 30% increase in clients, along with the additional focus on workshops, services and appropriate housing placement demand another full-time paid position. Additionally, the program has been housed in CHI’s administrative building since its inception and the growing programming has required that alternate locations be identified.

The Resource Center provides assistance to homeless adults who are placed in motels or other shelters not operated by CHI that may lack sufficient resources required to meet the clients’ needs. Originally a program that served homeless males, due to demand The Resource Center began offering services to homeless female adults as well. Since its opening in late 2013, The Resource Center has helped hundreds of homeless adults secure permanent housing. 
THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2018 ~ 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Leonard's Palazzo, 555 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY

Honoring Freedom Mortgage,Total Management Corporation and
CHI Hero Attorney Randolph McLaughlin

Join this prestigious group of developers, lawyers, bankers, contractors, builders, real estate agencies, and other professionals as we raise funds to break the cycle of homelessness, encourage self-sufficiency and promote sustainable homeownership in our communities.

Government cuts have made your assistance more vital than ever. Your financial support enables CHI to meet the increased need for housing and services, especially to the children of our communities. 

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