The new and improved 2016 newsletter that you can read on your phone. Filled with a little motivation, things to do, team news and pictures and of course who is racing and how they did!
We are now CLUB Malone Coaching!

Thanks to new requirements for USAT Coaches Malone Coaching had to become a CLUB! So when you do Ironman Branded (140.6 & 70.3)  events make sure to register as part of CLUB MALONE COACHING. In the end we get all sorts of points and are eligible for fun things like private port-o-potties at Ironman events, special swim caps and goodness knows what other kind of interesting incentives they have. Oh and we now get some pretty cool discounts on Desoto stuff too. See your e-mail.

What does this new "club" mean for you? It means we have insurance for all of our group rides and swims. 
All members MUST be CURRENT USAT MEMBERS and you MUST SIGN A WAIVER before group workouts.

Note from the coach
Even the Best Excuse Doesn't Feel As Good As Success by Dr. Tony Alessandra
*Years ago the swim coach had this taped to the door of the pool. I made a copy and saved it.

The world, according to author, salesman, and speaker extraordinaire Don Hutson, consists of winners and whiners. "Have you ever noticed that you seldom hear highly successful people whining?" he asks. Instead, everyone silently cheers when whiners leave the room and take with them their own personal dark clouds that have been hovering over their heads.

Whiners make excuses; winners just get the job done. Having a good excuse for a poor performance doesn't compare with the thrill of having produced excellent results.

Coach Katie
Greenville Spinners TT Series!

Brought to you by the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club and the GHS Every Woman Cycling Team, the 2016 Greenville Spinners Summer Time Trial Series will return with the first event in the series on Thursday, May 12th.

May 12th
June 9th
July 28th
August 18th

For more info. click HERE!

Super Stylist Tip: 
Hair can turn green from chlorine building up on the hair shaft.  Paul Mitchell's Shampoo 3 helps prevents the dreaded swimmers' "chlorine green".  This clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses and removes chlorine and impurities like iron and minerals from the hair.  While it removes dulling build-up, it also strengthens strands and minimizes future build-up.  There's a range of sizes, one for your tri bag and one for the shower.  Team Malone members receive 20% Off All Retail Products at Supercuts as well as $3 Off Adult Haircuts and $2 Off Kids Cuts. To find a salon near you go to   
*Offer good at Mary's 7 Supercuts (does not include 2 Supercuts on Woodruff)

Upcoming Group Training & Dates

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If you are not on it please let me know and I can add you. This allows you to easily communicate with fellow athletes.

April 11th  - 6:30 PM SECOND open water swim of the year! Lake Lanier, Tryon, NC - See more info below in the swim section.

Kim, Carol, Dan & Manny show off their Xterra wetsuits!

*Visors should be here soon!

Mountains to Main Street Training

April 23rd  - I am planning to ride the course. This is NOT a supported ride. We will leave the start at 9 AM. 


I place a lot of value on customer service and I love my Trek Speed Concept so when you can get the best of both worlds at one bike shop that is where you go! Fellow team-mate Joanna Eubanks and her husband Sam run this family friendly store in Greenwood. Store manager Derek Kidd knows his stuff and even follows up on every little detail. In case you couldn't tell I think the world of these guys so I am proud to have them on our kits again for 2016! 

All in your head...

Because I am fascinated by all the things that our minds can do I think it is important to constantly work on this aspect of training. What I have found is that over the years while my body might not be as willing my mind is stronger than ever. I course I account this to my "study" of all things in my head, but in all seriousness this is not an area to overlook.


April 2nd  Altamont Marathon, Half & Relay, Greenville, SC
Chris Cresente - 1:46 and 4th OA!
Steph Hance & Liz Blackwood - Relay
Chris shows us here how being happy and relaxed while running pays off! Well done Chris!

April 2nd Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC
Lisa Powell 49:54
Steve Erwin 54:34
Bob Boyle & Daughter Sandi 54:51
Nikolina Kresteva 57:48
Mary Biebel 58:58
Susan Endicott 59:43

While they are best friends they also have a long standing rivalry at the Bridge Run! 
 (Mary & Susan)

April 3rd Cooper River Bridge After the run Ride, Charleston, SC
Rachel Crunk 4:55
Lisa Powell - don't have yet!

Who is RACING...
April 9th Assault on the Carolinas
Lisa Powell
Steph Hance
Juane Wyrtch
*There was a big group of us doing this but with the freezing temps and winds forcasted at 20-30 mph most of us will be spending quality time on the trainer today instead!
April 10th IM Florida 70.3, FL
Steve Erwin Relay (Swim & Bike)
Melissa Ludwig

April 10th Anderson YMCA Sprint Tri, SC
Katie Malone
Lauren Siddens
John Siddens
Manny Cintron
Brendaly Cintron
Stephanie Rerych
David Schaffer
Liz Blackwood
Jess White
Nikolina Kresteva
Phil North
Kim Parenti
Karen Bailey
Erica Melton
Melanie Pfeiffer
Evan Shealy
Becky Arndt


My favorite sports drink is Infinit, but I also LOVE their MUD recovery drink mix. It is my treat after a long workout. Our team gets discounts on all of their products just use the discount code malonecoaching.

MG12 Can this help you?

Open  Water Swim Dates

My Boathouse at Lake Lanier 
2004 East Lakeshore Dr.
Landrum, SC 29356

April 4, 11, 25
May 9, 16
June 6, 20
July 11, 18
Aug 8, 22, 29
Sept 12, 19

Open water swims will start THIS Monday April 4th at 6:30 PM the water! That means you need to arrive a little earlier to allow time to squeeze into your wetsuits. This week we will only be swimming for 30 min at the most due to the cold water. Please make sure to bring warm/dry clothes to change into immediately afterwards. I will have a heated room for you to change in.  There is not going to be a specific workout due to the fact that it will be very cold and you need to get in, get used to the water and get swimming. As always we will have kayak support.  (If you know someone who would like to be kayak support please let me know - as we get larger groups in the warmer months I need help)

*If you wish to bring friends who are not MC athletes they must be USAT members. Please check with me first. Due to changes in coverage we are now considered a "club" and must change procedures in order to maintain current insurance. 

I DO NOT KNOW THE WATER TEMP but I am guessing it is probably low 60's. You might want to wear 2 swim caps or a neoprene cap if you have one.

If there is interest we will grab dinner at El Sureno afterwards.

*Cell phones generally do not work at the lake so if you get lost please text since that usually will still go through.

For those of you interested in Open Water Swimming in 2016 here are the dates.  They are NOT every 2 weeks this year but rather scheduled around important races. So please make note of these dates on your calendar. I will also have them on the website and on the website calendar for your convenience. For the swims in April we will have to wait to see what the water temperature is. If it is really cold wetsuits and  hoods will be required and we will keep the swims on the shorter side to avoid hypothermia.

All open water swims start promptly at 6:30 PM and are held on Monday nights because that is when there is the least boat traffic on the lake. The open water swims are workouts, not just swimming and they are fun - so don't miss out! These give us 6 MONTHS of quality time in open water!

Xterra Deals

Every week I will share some awesome deals with you from Xterra. The code to use to get your discount is always going to be:



The first few team rides of the year:

Mountains to Main Street Training
April 23rd Ride the Course from South Cove Park. Roll at 9AM - this is NOT supported I just wanted to let you all know that I plan on riding it.

Greenville Spinners TT Series! This is a great way to have some fun and get a great workout in. 
May 12th
June 9th
July 28th
August 18th

If you are riding ZIPP Wheels please make sure to check with your bike shop to make sure this doesn't affect you!


We need old running shoes! Team member Lisa Powell is collecting shoes for migrant workers (you know the people who pick all the fruits and vegetables we eat) and they desperately need old running shoes. Especially smaller sizes but we will take everything. Please TIE THEM TOGETHER and give them to me. I will start collecting NOW and collect all the way through MAY!
If you live in Columbia and know Lisa you may give directly to her.

For Sale

I like to share bikes and items that we have for sale here first. It is a great way to recycle items. Please let me know if you have anything you would like for me to post here. 

Item #2 Vortex 4 Full Wetsuit, Men's size small, 
Never worn -$100. Lo cated in Charlotte, NC Contact Michael Vaccaro,

Item #3 XTerra Vendetta long sleeve Women's Large. Make Mary an offer! Located in Greenville. Contact Mary Biebel

Item #4 Blue Seventy sleeveless Women's Medium Large Make Mary an offer! Located in Greenville. Contact Mary Biebel

Item #5 Zoot Women's Small - worn 1x. Located in Greenville. Make Christina an offer. or 864-201-3443

Item #6 Zoot Men's Large - worn a few times. Located in Greenville. Make Christina an offer! or 864-201-3443

Item #7 Race Wheels (10 Speed) Asking $450 OBO. Located in Greenville
Contact Nicole Ramsbey

Item #8 Bike Shoes worn 1 season. Asking $75 OBO Located in Greenville. Contact Nicole Ramsbey.

Item #11 Old School Aluminum Cervelo (picture below) Size 58? He is 5'11" 700 size wheels. Asking $400 OBO Located in Greenville area Contact Bill Tumblin

Item #12 Compact Crank Set 50/34 - crank length 170. Located in Greenville. Asking $175 OBO Contact Kim Parenti

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