"Winning Combinations"    -  August 2015
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Gingko biloba
Tolerant of most soil types and nearly pest-free, Gingko or Maidenhair Tree is a nice addition to any landscape. When space allows, it also functions well as a street tree. Its leaves turn a brilliant yellow in fall. Male types are not encumbered by the sometimes objectionable fruits of the females. A tree with a fascinating heritage, Gingko would make an excellent specimen for your property. Consider 'Princeton Sentry' and 'Autumn Gold' varietals.
Lantana camara

In temperate locations, where Lantana is grown as an annual, it boasts a host of inviting qualities. It works well in pots or in beds, is heat and humidity tolerant and not tempting to deer. On the other hand, bees and butterflies find it irresistible. Numerous cultivars offer a wide variety of colors to suit most any garden. A summer-long bloomer, Lantana is a sturdy, reliable winner.
Spodiopogon sibiricus

Also known as frost grass or silver spikegrass, this underused beauty performs best in moist, well-drained soil in sun or part-sun. The strappy, blue-green leaves are reminiscent of bamboo. Matures at 3 to 5' high and 1.5 to 2' wide.




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Jan Kirsh Landscapes & Studio


I am ready to formally introduce my new, consolidated website! I have merged information for my landscape design and studio businesses into a single, comprehensive site; I hope you'll be as pleased with the results as I am. Please  let me know what you think.

In Print
I am also very excited to announce the inclusion of  Chile Pepper 2 in a soon-to-be released book by Bridgette Mongeon.
3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft features basic information on 3D printing and a host of examples for real-world applications. The book is promised for availability, in paperback, at the end of September. 
Chile Pepper 2 (20"x36"15") adds punch to a Tucson, AZ patio
3D printed Chile Pepper 2 (1.75" x3 " x 1")
In View
It is another great honor to be among the artists chosen in the Howard County ArtSites competition. I spent a day in Ellicott City earlier this month, with good folks from Howard County, to install the piece.

Aubergine has a new home for the next year. She is perched streetside, in front of the Welcome Center, at 8267 Main Street, Ellicott City. From this vantage point, she is ready to extend her warmth to residents and visitors alike.
The installation process for this piece was wonderfully collaborative. I had support from Beth Forbes of the Howard County Arts Council, Bridget Graham of the Howard County Welcome Center, Sarah Kurtanich, Howard County photographer, a pair of exceedingly patient Ellicott City employees and Bill Knapp, a metal artist up the road who was the "on the spot hero" for helping me tweak some of the fittings on the sculpture base. I could not have asked for a better team!

(l-r) Beth Forbes and Bridget Graham

  Assessing your Landscape

The collaborative effort for a public art installation is a little like the process with a landscape design project. The most important component, apart from the property owner's needs and top-notch workmanship, is consistent communication.

One of my current clients is renovating the landscape of a mid-century, downtown office building, while another is working on a redesign for a home built in the late 1800s. Despite the difference between these two sites, the same points are considered:
  • Are there regulatory concerns: setbacks, easements, historic restrictions, home owners association requirements?
  • What are your current and future needs? How will you, your family, your friends, or your clients use the space?
  • What are the prominent features and assets of the site? What problems need to be solved? Are there substantial trees? Are the views captivating or unsightly?
  • What are the environmental considerations: sun/shade patterns, wind, drainage?
Before and after - Riverside renovation

Lantana, aster and muhly grass accent riverside gardens

Instant, informal summer color in process

I am grateful for the bright, industrious people who are so integral to my days. Many hands certainly make for fruitful work.

Best regards,


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