Autumn in Vermont

Fall may be the best time of the year at Pond Mountain Inn. Warm days, crisp nights, colorful foliage and harvest all giftwrapped in a perfect package…. watching the leaves transition from bright reds into yellows and oranges – nature’s palette unfolds before your very eyes.  
2018 Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest

We cannot thank everyone enough for your overwhelming participation in our First Annual Photo Contest. We had almost twenty separate entries and upward of fifty photographs! Thank you again for your generous support!

Congratulations to John Barbale, who nabbed the top spot for his stunning wildlife submission above. Check out the other stunning photos below from our second and third place winners! 

*** First Prize ***

Joyce & John Barbale
Auburn, Massachusetts

2018 Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest

*** First Runner-Up ***

Sylvie Regimbald & Robert Corriveau
Montreal, Quebec

2018 Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest

*** Second Runner-Up ***
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Karen & Gary Tiedens
Oakland, New Jersey

Trail Trees are rare living Trail Markers that were culturally modified by Native Americans throughout North America. A massive network of constructed pre-Columbian roads and trails has been well documented across the Americas – remnants can still be found by local hunters and gatherers. Karen and Gary made such a discovery just down the road! One unique characteristic of a trail marker tree is its horizontal bend several feet off the ground, which makes the marker visible at greater distances.   

Winter Preparation Started in August

Twenty hours with a log splitter to re-split two cords of wood should be just enough to take us through the winter given that we're spending the month of November in Bangkok, Thailand.

We only consumed 200 gallons of fuel oil last year!!
That's Kay Manning The Controls!

Mid-Season Septic Problems Could Have Been Disastrous if not for the graciousness of our guests!
We've Been Busy...

The upper portion of our drivway had a late fall make-over!
This lucky Spotted Salamander was "spotted" by our excavator during the "driveway project". They rarely come above ground – clearly we disturbed him shortly before hibernation. No worries, we sent him safely on his way!
Hen-of-the-Woods Mushrooms on Full Display.

Our neighbors foraged again this year and shared their generous bounty with us! In addition to Kay's ever-popular mushroom omelette, Kay created "Hen-of-the-Woods Eggs Benedict for our vegetarian guests.
Sissy's Kitchen... Just 10 Minutes Away!

Smoked Salmon, Capers, Red Onion Cream Cheese, Spinach, Scrambled Egg on a Ciabatta is one of the best breakfast sandwiches we've ever had! And, they serve lunch and have "to go" dinners.

Yankee Magazine  Editors' Choice Award Recipient 2014
Apple Picking in Bennington, Vermont.
Quintessential Vermont... Taylor Farm.
Londonderry, Vermont
The Last Vestiges of Fall Foliage on Lake St. Catherine...
You Don't Need More Vacation Days – You Just Need Better Ones!
All our best,
Kay and Glenn  

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Thanks to Maryellen Conger for her two stunning photo contest submissions above!
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