GAO welcomes winter! 
One Tough Year to Remember 
written by Bob Ihme
2015 will be remembered as "the year of weather" for most people. In February, we experienced nearly half the days of the month with temperatures well below freezing.There was a day in February when the actual air temperature (before wind chill) was -32 degrees. What happened to Lake Michigan keeping us warm? Our next big surprise was The Storm of August 2nd. On this day in 2015, Mother Nature decided to give Glen Arbor the feel of a hurricane. Only lasting about 20 minutes, straight line winds did some serious damage. I will always remember 2015 as being put to the test. Just how much pressure can one owner/operator handle? 

The lower temperatures in February caused sewer backups along the ridge line units, interior water damage from frozen (and then broken) water pipes, and main water lines underground were also frozen. All of this on a large scale, couple with repairs that needed immediate attention, and all in a two week period. After acknowledging these damages, I was most afraid of what would be discovered once the water was turned back on. I've been doing the same job for over 23 years, and I've learned some things during this time. Sure enough, when we went around to each unit, slowly turning on the water with fingers crossed that the water meter would stop running shortly after being turned on, this wasn't the case with 50 condos. Ceilings, insulation, walls, vanities, toilets, mirrors, etc, had to be removed, broken water lines had to be found, fixed, then all the damaged repaired to get the broken water lines fixed.  All of the repairs had to be completed in a timely manner, as the summer season was fast approaching.

The August 2nd storm was unlike anything I've ever seen. I've never experienced a major storm that paralyzed the area during peak season. We have had several storms in the off season that left the area without power for several days, but never one in summer. With a large storm and only a couple dozen occupied properties, it's fairly easy to take care of those properties. During peak season and 90% plus occupied properties, it's not quite so easy to be everywhere right away. That storm brought major damage to most of the waterfront associations along Overbrook Road, and one along the Crystal River. Not only did the roofing blow off a couple buildings, but the sheeting under it did as well. Roads were blocked with several trees. Cars had trees on top of them. Exterior walkways were broken and lifted from the massive root balls of the trees. 28 condos had suffered extensive water damage to the interiors. The northern associations had less damage, but still suffered from missing chimney caps, leaning trees, chimney chases broken away from the roof, broken deck railings, and, of course, debris littered property.

It's these types of major property damage on a large scale that put an owner/operator to the test. I had to work, and work hard, and must say, it was not easy to handle. However, the week following the August 2nd storm really put things into perspective for me. I really realized just how much respect each and every contractor we work with on a regular basis has for Glen Arbor Outdoor. I made phone calls for help, and all of the companies I called were at the ready to be of assistance. These companies were getting calls from everyone, but the chose to come out and help us right away. I hadn't realized the loyalty we had created over the past 20 plus years until it was thrown in my face that week. The staff at Glen Arbor Outdoor far more than exceeded my expectations, and I must say, my expectations were high for that storm damage. It was my goal to have all the properties cleaned up by Friday, with little to no evidence that such a storm had happened. Early in the week, we had no access to our equipment. The staff met at my powerless house each morning, brought in their own equipment, and rose to the task. The staff worked long days, worked hard, and worked together. I didn't have to encourage or ask for that type of performance.

As a result of 2015, I have learned so much, and will never forget what this year, and these storms, have taught me.  
Shortly after the storm, so many of you reached out asking how could you help. The need was an organized community clean up program. Thanks to each and everyone of you who donated at such a time of need. Below is a great update article written by Bob Sutherland.

The Re-Arbor Glen Arbor Fundraising Campaign has raised $45,000.  Thank you to all who have contributed to this important effort.  From the moment the storm cleared, we've been hard at work clearing, rebuilding and fundraising.  What have we accomplished in the three months since the storm? Here is a short photo blog

We have to begin with the Glen Lake Community Reform Church's Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteer effort.  They have cleaned up 27 yards and put in 500 volunteer hours.  Re-Arbor Glen Arbor has donated $5,000 to them in early October and we just donated another $5,000 last week.  This money has allowed them to hire heavy equipment when needed and will allow them to hire a few professional tree teams to get a few yards cleaned up before the snow flies.

Here is a photo of the Friends of the Sleeping Bear Dunes cleaning up the Heritage Bike Trail in September.  We contributed a total of $10,000 to them for several specific areas that needed tree clearing. Some of the money is also going to planting trees in DH Day Campground as several campsites lost their shade trees.
Here is a photo of volunteers working with the park staff to clear the hiking trails on Alligator Hill.  This is a big job and the crew hopes to have it cleared for cross country skiing this winter.

Here is the Alligator Hill Trail Head in Glen Arbor.  The park still have much to clear on this eastern section of the trails.

New trees are happily resting in many key spots in Glen Arbor. This was a joint effort between Re-Arbor Glen Arbor, a community task force and the Glen Arbor Township.  Nice work everyone.
There is still much to do.  Re-Arbor is saving some of it's money for next spring and if there is a section of land that is an eyesore, we will work with the property owner to see if we can help clear it up.  In the middle of town, some donations will go to clearing up a section of common land with conservation restrictions by the Glen Arbor Art Association.
Many sections will never get cleared.  And that's OK.  New trees will grow and these trees will decompose and fertilize the new trees that one day will be as tall as the ones that fell.

December, 2015

Glen Arbor Outdoor

Counsumer's Energy
 Savings Solution Program

Consumer's Energy offers a program to help reduce energy usage in multi-family units like the associations at The Homestead. Bob Ashmun has been working with a few associations and Consumer's Energy to kick start this program in our area. Currently, these two associations are "pilots" to see how the program will work. If it's successful, we hope to proceed with this energy efficient program with more of you! 

As one of the programs details, Consumer's Energy will replace light bulbs in the interior and exterior of buildings to energy efficient LED bulbs. The "pilot" associations are beginning with replacing the exterior light bulbs.

Our hope is by this time next year, we will have rolled out the program to all associations and everyone will be receiving the benefits. The Energy Savings program is offered at no cost to the associations. It is funded by a small portion of every Consumer's Energy customer's bill going to this program.  

Water Turn-On Requests
Please don't forget to call us in advance of your arrival, so that we may turn on your water, and turn up your heat! A last minute, after hours emergency call will have to be billed to you!  The following associations have elected to have the water shut off during the winter months:

South Beach
Sand Piper
Beach Comber
Beach Walk
Crystal Beach
Gentle Winds
Great Lakes
Loggers Run
Ship Watch
Ridge Top
Hawk's Nest
Vantage Point

Management Team at
Glen Arbor Outdoor

Jerry Lannen:
Jerry joined our team in July and is our Project Manager. Jerry's extensive background in construction and project management is an asset to your remodel or renovation project you have for your home in
Glen Arbor!

Bob Ashmun:
Bob Ashmun is now the liason between Glen Arbor Outdoor and the different condominium associations at The Homestead. Many boards are currently working with Bob on making
 "To Do Lists." 

Jenny Williams:
Jenny came to us in January as our office manager. Besides the office work, Jenny also coordinates the day to day maintenance you may need at your home, as is always a kind and knowledgeable voice on the other end of the line!


Painting Projects

Glen Arbor Outdoor now has two full time painters on our staff! They are working to create a touch up plan for the exterior of buildings for the in between times when buildings will be stained. They are available for interior, small exterior, and furniture painting projects.

If there is a painting project you are planning, give us a call to get that scheduled!



Winter and Off Season Cleans

After an especially busy summer, every property needs a good, deep clean, and definitely a CARPET CLEAN! If you'd like Leelanau Vacation Rentals to do your fall/winter clean, please let Karen know as soon as possible, as we'll get you scheduled. Additionally, LVR is available for weekly or sporadic off-season, basic cleans,
as well. 
Karen can be reached at, or at (231)-334-6100. 

  Recycling Bags...

If you're in need of more recycling bags, please let Glen Arbor Outdoor know, as they have them available! 

Seasonal Storage

If you have patio furniture, kayaks, etc, that need to be stored away, we have a storage facility in which to keep your items! Please contact Ranae at, or call (231)-334-6100.

  Winter Calendar


  Reader 's Theatre: 
Glen Arbor Art Association
Lost Horizon, a James Hilton classic, will be performed.  
Sips and Soups:
Leelanau Peninsula Vintners
1/23/16: Noon to 5pm
Warm up along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail!
Tickets are $20 per person and include a souvenir wine glass. You will enjoy a yummy soup and wine pairing at participating wineries along the trail. $5 of each ticket sold will go to local food banks.

 Taste the Passion
Leelanau Peninsula Vintners
2/6/16 - 2/7/16
An annual celebration of wine, chocolate, and love! Tickets are $35 a person and include a souvenir wine glass and a delicious Leelanau wine and a small plate pairing of sweet and savory fare at each winery.

Photos were taken in the very cold and snowy winter of 2014!