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Prayer and Hope

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope"
Martin Luther
Happy New Year!

This is one of my favorite pictures from a trip that I took this December to India.  I love the vibrant colors and the delicate artistry of the henna.  But what touches me the most is the devotion communicated by her folded hands. The photograph informs me that she recently got married as these red and white bangles are traditionally worn only by brides in India.  My imagination conjures up her dreams and prayers for her future as she starts a new phase of her life.

A New Year signifies just that as well. A time of reflection and gratitude for all that we have. And prayer that the coming year will bring us good health, harmony, prosperity and whatever else we desire. If prayer is not your thing, what about hope? Hope is the foundation of life.

2015 marks the 16th year of 229 Charles Street. I am incredibly lucky to have terrific patients that I am honored to take care of and a talented team that continuously inspires me. Our mission is to Improve the Lives of Our Patients and this year is gearing up to be an extraordinary opportunity to do just that.


Practice News


Check out our fresh, new look!


Our web site DoctorMerriman.com is starting the new year with a brand new appearance and  updated content to reflect what we offer in our practice. It also will be giving you updates on all the continuing education we attend, newsletters and blogs we write for you, courses and workshops Dr.Merriman teaches and other practice happenings. We are very excited to invite you to check us out.

Dental Tip


Make sure you are flossing deep enough. You should feel the floss get to the bottom of your gum when you floss. You don't want to make the effort of flossing daily and not be as effective as you need to be to remove plaque. Remember, plaque causes inflammation in your mouth that travels throughout your body and causes damage in many different ways to your general health in addition to causing gum disease. 

Thank you to our patients

We would like to thank our patients for a record year of referrals. It is the highest compliment when you send us your friends and family. As a thank you, we will have a raffle for 2 Oral B Rotary Brushes . Any patient that has referred a friend or family member to us from January 1st, 2015 through March 31st, 2015 will be able to participate in the drawing. These brushes are an awesome addition to your daily hygiene efforts. They do all the work for you and prevent you from brushing too hard. Good luck! Please contact Tonya, our office manager  for any further information.

Mindfulness Tip


Practice compassion.


But instead of being compassionate to someone else, pick yourself. Be attentive to your own needs and be patient and kind to yourself.



Looking forward to an amazing 2015,


Be Well, Do Well, Live Well

Sunita Merriman, DDS